Sessions Proceedings

What is this thing called politics?: Using film and television to teach political game theory
Shontarius Aikens

Meet the Editors: Journal of Management Education and Management Teaching Review
Scott Allen, Joy Beatty, Charles Fornaciari, Marc Levine

Gather Around the Experiential Fire
Scott Allen, Lisa Amoroso, Darren Good, Robert Herring , Eileen Higgins, George Hrivnak , Amy Kenworthy, Jennifer Leigh, Terry Nelson, Tim Peterson, Rita Shea-VanFossen

It's Better Than Discussion: Using Dialogue (Big “D”) to Enhance Student Engagement, Critical Tiniking, and Community
Rae Andre, Kathleen Kane

Creating community in a global setting: Transforming lives through Travel Abroad courses
Lucy Arendt, Robin Sronce

What Should You Teach Your Students? Just Ask Them
Cristina Arroyo

Throw Away the Laundry List: Teaching in Context
Cristina Arroyo

Integrating the Undergraduate Curriculum: Models for Success
Debra Arvanites, James Glasgow

Gather around the “Video-Clip Campfire” and share your best clips: The Sequel
Timothy Baldwin, Robert Marx

You Want Me to Work in a Team? An Approach to Teaching and Assessing Teamwork the AACSB Way
Kathleen Barnes, JoDee LaCasse, George Smith

Poetic Metaphor and the Creation of Community in the Management Classroom
Frank Barrett, Michael London, Bill Van Buskirk

3 – 2 – 1 Action: Building a Peer-to-Peer Online Learning Community by Student Presenters Filming Themselves and Creating a Space for Feedback
Curt Beck, Denise Parris

Providing & Receiving Constructive Feedback: Educating Students
Gregory Berka, Heather Gordon

Student peer mentoring: Enhancing the learning environment
Gregory Berka, Kate Frear, Heather Gordon

Do it all wrong! Using reverse brainstorming to generate ideas, improve discussions, and move students to action
Allan Bernard, Eric Grube, Marcia Hagen

Learning together through metaphors: An interactive session on the use of metaphors (short stories) as an inspiring teaching method.
Jerry Biberman, Satinder Dhiman, Joan Marques

The Rule of Three: A Practice of Reflective Writing and Learning
Jerry Biberman, Satinder Dhiman, Joan Marques

Yes, we do have intellectual standards in college! How to help students join the higher education community.
Janice Black, Nicholas Twigg

Clearing Muddied Waters: Using Toulmin's Argument Maps to Settle the Sediment
Janice Black, Nicholas Twigg

Designing a Leader Development Program: From Conceptualization to Endowment in 5 Years
Carrie A. Blair

It's All in the Story: An Odd Couple Reminisces
Lee Bolman, Terrance E. Deal

Bringing the MOOC into the Classroom
David Bradford, Allan Cohen

Understanding employee experiences of and reactions to radical organizational change efforts through an interactive exercise
Deborah Brazeal, Carlos Gonzalez, Preeti Wadhwa

A Strong Interest – Combining Strong Interest Inventory sample activities with an exploration of intrinsic/extrinsic motivation
Chris Bresnahan, Elizabeth Haley, Johanna Tolan

Authentic Classroom Facilitation: How Attachment Theory Can Inform Classroom Management.
Christopher Bresnahan

Snake: Enable others to Act
Tristan Brosch, Eric Nelson, Courtney Shirley, Matthew VanSchenkhof

The “Kobayashi-Maru” Meeting: High-Fidelity Experiential Learning
Vincent Bruni-Bossio, Chelsea Willness

Learning Governance: Community-Based Partnership for Capacity Building
Vincent Bruni-Bossio, Chelsea Willness

Face-to-face teacher-student performance appraisals
Rebecca Bull Schaefer

Enhancing Our Teaching by Drawing on Recent Developments in the Science of Learning
Deborah Butler, Mark Cannon, Corbette Doyle, Dayle Savage

Michal Cakrt

Read, Review, Reflect: Three similar yet diverse approaches.
Holly Catalfamo, J. David Whitehead, Barry Wright

“History is Boring!” Changing this perception through the use of social media.
Russell Clayton, Mark Julien, Micheal Stratton

Bradford Award Session
Gary Coombs

Student-Established Course Commitments: Implications and Possibilities for Learning and Development
Kevin Cooper, Matthew Eriksen, Ariel Galipeau

Developing Responsible Leaders by Developing their Response-ability
Kevin Cooper, Matthew Eriksen, Ariel Galipeau

Puzzling with Teams: Round 2
Kerri Crowne Brannen

Ye’ Old Pen Factory: Applying the classic pen factory simulation to today’s global workplace.
Anne Cummings, Marcia Hagen, Denise Williams

Building Collaborative Community Development Tools
Nicole Cundiff, Janene McMahan

Leadership Development Online
Nicole Cundiff, Janene McMahan

Developing Women Leaders: An Approach that Works!
Nicole Cundiff, Alice Eagly

Encouraging students to craft their work: Exploring the value of friendships in small learning communities
Alison Dachner, Rosanna Miguel

Building a Digital Community of Learning: The positive effects of social media use in higher education
Alison Dachner , Erin Makarius

How to use Deliberate Practice Exercises to Improve Student Leadership Skills
Richard Daft, Dorothy Marcic

Teaching Change
Suzanne de Janasz, Maury Peiperl

Does Political Correctness Dictate How We Teach Ethical Decision Making?
Roger Dean

Creating Community and Early Engagement: Sharing as a Community of Educators
Beverly DeMarr, C. Melissa Fender, Lisa Stickney

Inviting “Lincoln” into the Classroom to Teach Power, Influence, and Negotiation
Kristen Bell DeTienne, Jennifer Willis

Structured Speed Interviewing: Building Skills in Staffing and Selection Courses
Jessica Doll

Translating theory to practice: Teaching institutional logics and stakeholder analysis
Mary B. Dunn

Was groupthink responsible for three deaths?
Linda Dunn Jensen, Jan Hillier

Motivating Learning through Teams and Technology: The HRManagement Simulation Project
Loren Dyck, Kathi Lovelace

Facebook’s Emotional Contagion Experiment: A Brief Classroom-Based Ethics Case Study
Julia East, Charles Fornaciari, Mary Krome

Teaching finance to non-finance majors: Challenges of an integrated curriculum
Steven A. Edelson, C. Chase Senk

The track on the track: Encouraging deep learning by teaching while engaged in physical activity
Steven A. Edelson

Harry Potter And The Keys of the Academic Kingdom—The Ones You Can’t Find On Google
Kevin Farmer, Julie Shen

Comparing Three Approaches for Teaching Innovation: Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, and Theory U
Lois Fearon, Ingrid Kajzer-Mitchell, Amy Zidulka

Finding new uses for old exercises: Five squares
Dale Finn, Sue McNamara, Joe Seltzer

Senior and Mid-Career Consortium: What’s next?
Dale Finn, Kathleen Kane, Joseph Seltzer, Judi Strauss, Joan Weiner

“Activating” the Nonparticipant Learner in a Large OB Lecture Class: What Works Well with Wikis
Martin Fogelman

Creating a Mindful Learning Community
Jann Freed

Learning by Serving: Community Engagement through Service Experiences
Jim Fullerton

How Do We Teach and Measure Creativity and Innovation as a Learning Outcome?
Mary Ann Gaal

Is Management Education blind to social class? What does this mean for educating managers of the future?
Joseph Garcia, Kristi Tyran

Tackling concept overload in survey courses by using student groups
Joseph Gerard, Melissa J. Knott

Customized instruction and support for student network creation and the exploration of professional identity using the LinkedIn professional social network
Joseph G. Gerard, Melissa J. Knott, Reena Lederman Gerard

Design Thinking: Applying Tools,Techniques,and Strategies to Quickly Innovate and Develop Mobile Solutions In the Classroom
Ruth Gilleran, Patricia Guinan, Salvatore Parise

How to be a “leader” of your class: Four choices that teachers must make to be effective leaders of their classes (taught by leadership scholars and teachers)
Ryan Gottfredson, Ryan Quinn

Oh SNAP! How a one week learning experience provides your students with a world of management understanding.
Kim Gower

10% luck, 20% skill, 70% (letting go of your) concentrated power of will: The Good, the bad, and the ugly of using community-based learning in the classroom
Kim Gower

Doctoral Institute Presentation
Kim Gower, Jennifer Leigh, Magid Mazen, Barbara Ritter, Erika Small

Blooming Our Learning Objectives in a World with Handheld Libraries
Kelly Grace, Wendy Swenson-Roth

This is teaching, who the f*** said anything about freedom of speech? Profanity in the classroom: a discussion of best practices, setting expectations and a myriad of exceptions.
Rose Hair

The Social Art of the Vignette: bringing experience into the classroom
Bruce Hanson

Challenges, lessons learned and experiences with moving from traditional face-to-face class to online class online class in organizational behavior
Steve Harvey, Barbara Reda

Engaging OB students through interdisciplinary study of a major business event: The Wall Street Crash of 2008
Rick Herbert

The Self-Leadership Change Project:: Enhanced with Total Quality Tools
Robert Herring, James Phillips

Moving Courses from Traditional to On-line Format: Should We? What Have We Learned?
Cathy Hill

Learning to Act for the Sake of Life on Earth
Tammy Hiller

Creating Conditions for Collaborative Learning in Student Teams
Lee Holmer

Sparking Change with Symbols, Stories and Rituals: Mobilizing People with the Symbolic Frame
Keith Hunter

Meet the Editors: Organization Management Journal and The Case Journal
Rita J. Shea-Van Fossen, Barbara Ritter

Reducing the Transferability Gap: The Link between Service-Based Learning and Career Development in Management Education
Nicole Jackson

What Direction is Your Leadership Style Heading?
Renee Just

Loving-kindness and Mindfulness: Practices for Being More Heartful and Awake in Organizations
Mark Kriger

Dianna Krueger, Tammi Redd

Bridging the research-teaching divide: Engaging our own research in the classroom and linking our two professional communities
Jamie Ladge, Barbara Larson

Not just for kids: Using Dora the Explorer Techniques to teach Leadership in the classroom
Ashley Lesko

Community in the Classroom Through Collaboration With Students
Michael London, William Van Buskirk

Integrated Business Core for Freshmen: Introducing Cross-Discipline Connections
Andy Lynch, Greg Randolph, Kevin Snyder

The Courage to Teach 'Critical OB'
Kathy Mack

Ambushed and Wrangled: When Technology Fails Us In The Classroom
Teresa Martinelli-Lee, Simon Walls

Designing and Teaching an MBA Course "Managing Failure of Success: The Reflective Role of Special Issues"
Magid Mazen

Global Leadership in Crisis: An Ecosystem Mapping Exercise
Jack McCarthy, Gene Mendoza

A Semester Long Service-Learning Project; Our Example
Cathleen McGrath, Maria Alejandra Quijada

Experiential learning: High-impact engagement to create communities of learning
Arlise McKinney

Contemplating Reflection in Learning: Aligning Strategy to Objective
Sue McNamara

Using Entrepreneurship To Create Learning Communities In Organization Behavior
Sue McNamara

Collaborative learning in a student community: Using clickers for fostering discussion in management classrooms
Salar Mesdaghinia

Participation -- Let's ALL Participate!
Gloria J. Miller

Creating Transformational Learning Opportunities through Asset Based Community Engagement
Marisol Morales, Antonette (Toni) Navarro

Critically Thinking Through Reality: A Classic Exercise Infused with Real-World Scenarios
Terry Nelson

An Ignatian Perspective to Enrich Cases & Deepen Business Education
Dennis O'Connor, Daniel Orne

But, I didn’t go to law school! How non-attorney management educators can successfully use court cases to connect students to legal issues in the community.
Kimberly O'Connor

Hot Topics in Pregnancy Discrimination: Broadening student awareness of diverse communities of workers.
Kimberly O'Connor

Collegial Development of Ethics in Management
Carl Oliver

Global Leadership and Management: Expanding Cultural Insight and Wisdom through Travel Study Experiences
Deborah Olson

Creating Engaging Online Activities that Compliment the F2F Classroom
Brent Opall

Addressing Both Personal and Community Tragedy in the Classroom: Yes or No?
J.P. Julie Palmer-Schuyler

It’s Just a Stage: Students’ Levels of Intellectual Development
Claudette Peterson, Tim O. Peterson

Negotiating a New Hire: A Role Play Simulation
Sandy Piderit

The Science, Not the Art: A Social Psychological Approach to Strengthening Management Student Speaking
Beth Polin

Managing Entrepreneurship: Stories from Past and Present Captains of Industry
Maria Alejandra Quijada, Aimee Wheaton

Learning as a community through Socratic seminars
Pramila Rao

Playing in the garden of forking paths – leadership learning in a community through collaborative interactive storytelling
Sandra Romenska

Leading Leadership Learning: More than just PowerPoints
John Ross, Marcus Valenzuela

Stealing Pedagogy: What we can take from the Jesuits for fun and profit
Paul Ryder

Using Pinterest as a medium for student active learning through individual discovery of relevant content
Gordon Schmidt

Critically examining training example videos for learning about train-the-trainer programs and supporting development of management critical thinking skills
Gordon Schmidt

Reframing: A Tool to Develop Critical Thinking in Undergraduate Interns
Angela Schmiede

Creating a Course Assignment On Building Community with Alumni
Mary Jo Shane

I have to say “I love you” in a … affirmation?: Five forms of demonstrating our love for our students
Rita Shea-Van Fossen, Gary Stark

Tricks of the trade: Navigating the push and pull of being a chair (and teacher-scholar?)
Erika Small, Micheal Stratton

Measurement backlash and how to avoid it
James Spee, Teri Tompkins

Choice Learning Projects in an Organizational Behavior Classroom
Timothy Strait

Quiet Students: Engaging Introverts in a World of Extroverts
Teri Tompkins

Non-profit Board Experience
Lynn Walter

Teaching Negotiation Successfully: Is it a Fantasy?
Stephanie Ward

Growing Classroom Community through Creativity: A Beginning Roadmap
Ellen West

Entrepreneurship Mindset: Igniting Millennial Leadership Intention and Engagement
Denise Williams

The comparison of Chinese and American classroom dynamics
Kun Michelle Yang

What Is Learning and How Does it Occur?: Implications of Workplace Learning Scholarship for Experiential Educators
Amy Zidulka

Creating awareness of entrepreneurial practices through the powers of imagination: a spiritual approach
Ricardo Zozimo


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