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Virtual MOBTS 2020

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Vices and Virtues of Virtual Teams

Global Virtual Teams (GVTs), experiential learning, learning outcomes

Many institutions of higher education have some element of global or cultural awareness as part of their strategic plan. In response, global virtual teams (GVTs) have gained popularity as a means for students to collaborate across time zones, geographic boarders, and cultural differences. The facilitators of this session all have experience with GVTs and desire to bring this background to a roundtable session in which participants can discuss 1) reasons for integrating GVTs into a course, 2) pitfalls and liabilities around GVTs, 3) alignment of GVTs with institutional learning outcomes and accreditation standards.

Jennifer Leigh
Nazareth College
United States

Kerri Brannen
Widener University
United States

Yamuna Baburaj
Widener University
United States

Kevin Lo
University of San Francisco
United States


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