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Virtual MOBTS 2020

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Teaching Effective Communication through Drawing Cartoons

Communication, art-based learning, drawing, experiential exercise

This session will present a new interactive exercise that is being developed to be utilized in the fall, which builds on research in art-based learning. The aim is to help individuals to identify, evaluate, and analyze effective communication. They will also apply the knowledge gained to create their own communication. This lesson in communication will occur by using a cartoon drawing activity with the assistance of an elementary school art teacher. The results and recommendations will be discussed. Attendees of the session will need to have, at minimum, about 3 pieces of paper and a writing instrument, such as a pencil. However, we encourage attendees to bring other art supplies such as markers or crayons.

Kerri Crowne
Widener University
United States

Kristin Abell
Holy Family School
United States


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