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Virtual MOBTS 2020

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Management/OB in the News: Application of management topics to real-world, current events

Real-world application, making classroom connections, student-led presentations

As Management and OB scholars, we have the opportunity to see the topics we teach come to life through current events related to actions and decisions of organizations and leaders. However, we, as professors, are the ones applying critical thinking skills to make those connections. The Management/OB in the News project puts students in the driver’s seat. Students research current events, apply them to course topics, and communicate their ideas to the class. We will discuss the scalability, flexibility, and success of the project. Project materials will be discussed and critiqued, and participants will experience a mini-management in the news.

Alexandra M. Dunn
University of Mary Washington
United States

Haley M. Woznyj
Longwood University
United States


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