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Virtual MOBTS 2020

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Shock the System

dissent, critique, curriculum, experiential learning

MOBTS has established itself as the leading conference for management educators to not only share, but also to celebrate experiential learning activities for the classroom. Nearly 50 years of sessions have proven to be popular for all levels of faculty to collaborate and innovate.

Yet, despite our (the facilitators for this session) love for the conference, and the culture that makes it the antithesis of the “Academy” in general, we have some reservations about “drinking the Kool-Aid” without first double-checking the expiration date of the drink. In this session, we invite attendees to question both the components of the traditional management curriculum, and the potential overreliance on experiential learning techniques at the expense of better student learning outcomes – or even whether using experiential learning is a crutch to cover up the weaknesses in the management curriculum.

Jason Fertig
University of Southern Indiana
United States

Steven Edelson
Walsh University
United States


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