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MOBTS 2022

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Increasing the Capacity of Leadership Educators to Teach Followership

Keywords: followership; followership education; role-play; reflection

Abstract: There are two types of leadership educators—those that accept followership and those that deny it. For those who have accepted the notion of followership, it is no longer a question of whether followership is real, but rather a question of how to learn and/or teach it. While there has been a steady increase in Followership literature over the last decade, Followership Education literature is relatively sparse, and there are many areas that are yet to be explored. One of the key areas ripe for further exploration is effective pedagogical practices for Followership Education. Consequently, this workshop attempts to provide followership resources and develop capacities for leadership educators to also be effective followership educators. In this workshop, we will provide an overview of Followership Education, followed by three followership pedagogical activities: (a) Experience in a Leader or Follower Role Activity; (b) The Mobius Strip Activity; and (c) Courageous Followership Typology Role-Play. We hope that participants will leave the session with the self-efficacy to implement followership activities in their classrooms, which has implications for the fields of followership and Followership Education.

Daniel Jenkins, University of Southern Maine (United States)

Dami Alegbeleye, University of Southern Maine (United States)


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