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MOBTS 2022

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Faculty Recruitment and DEI Initiatives: Case Exercises on What Can Be Learned in Business Programs and Higher Education for Management Practice

Keywords: Faculty hiring and retention, diversity and inclusion, HR applications

Abstract: Over the past decade there has been an increasing need to understand how diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives can further advance the strategic aims of higher education and business degree programs. In this regard, a central challenge that the Chronicle of Education and also the AACSB highlight is how diversity aims can be further embedded not just in core curricula, but also in faculty recruitment and retention pipelines in business programs. While often considered two different foci, they are often intertwined through arguments of representativeness bias (i.e., whether and how can student and faculty can reflect the diversity considerations of the other). Although this perspective remains pertinent, we argue that there needs to be a deeper conversation regarding three perspectives on diversity, equity, and inclusion to address this concern in higher education and business programs - specifically that of legal-compliance, marketing, and the business case for diversity (see Thomas and Ely, 1996). As part of this roundtable discussion, we will both review this three-paradigm framework from Thomas and Ely through a hypothetical case and then institutional reflection, culminating in individual and institutional take-aways for participants.

Nicole Jackson, Sacred Heart University (United States)

Mark Congdon, Sacred Heart University (United States)

Julie Lawrence, Sacred Heart University (United States)


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