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MOBTS 2022

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Work Arrangements: A Roundtable Discussion about how to Incorporate this Evolving Topic into the Management Classroom

Keywords: Work arrangements, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Principles of Management

Abstract: The concept of work arrangements, or the physical arrangements workers will experience (i.e., work-from-home, hybrid, etc.), is of great interest to both practitioners and academics alike. This is an evolving topic that has so far received little research attention but has immediate practical implications for organizations and managers. As such, it is an important and relevant topic to address with current management students. In this roundtable, we will first discuss the ways we have integrated the workplace arrangements topic into a variety of different courses (i.e., HR, OB, and Principles of Management courses) using class discussions, emerging literature, classroom activities, and assessments. We will utilize small group discussions to explore new ways to integrate work arrangements into additional courses and management topics, and will close the session with a large-group discussion on how instructors can use the best ideas in future semesters.

Emily Tarr, CSU San Marcos (United States)

Andrew Bennett, Old Dominion University (United States)

Adam Pervez, Mississippi State University Meridian (United States)

Ken Mullane, Salem State University (United States)


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