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MOBTS 2022

MOBTS 2022 Proceedings - ISBN: 978-1-7346398-2-7 »

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Experiential Fire: Passing the Torch!

Keywords: experiential exercises, curated collection, active learning

Abstract: Come join us as we pass the torch to new facilitators and a brand new set of exercises for this year’s experiential fire. This year’s torch bearers are excited to share a wide variety of exercises and approaches and welcome your participation to keep those fires burning. Always a perennial favorite, come experience and learn by doing with this curated collection of engaging experiential exercises. Our presenters will introduce you to their innovative exercises in a “speed networking” format. This year’s session includes ice-breakers, influence tactics, cross-cultural communication, faultlines and subgroup formation, diversity, equity and inclusion, social class origins, and more. Full details of the exercises will be available in the Conference Proceedings.

JP JULIE PALMER, Webster University (United States)

Tim Peterson, North Dakota State University (United States)

Amy Kyhos, Loyola University Chicago (United States)

Kelly Weeks, Rhodes College (United States)

Yun Chung, University of Idaho (United States)

Smriti Anand, Illinois Institute of Technology (United States)


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