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MOBTS 2022

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The Case for Assessment: Developing a Case to use for Assessment Purposes

Keywords: Assessment, Case Analysis, Student Learning Outcomes

Abstract: Does intermingling case studies and assessment sound like a challenge? It isn’t as big of a challenge as you think! We are increasingly asked to develop and execute assessments in our classrooms, with consequences for both students and faculty. While we are often encouraged to use simple multiple-choice exams as a basis for assessment, it isn’t always the best way to evaluate student learning. Meanwhile, case study analysis is a classic technique for helping students apply management theory to practice. What better way to assess student learning than through the case study process? In this session we will discuss and develop a plan for developing our own case for assessment purposes. We will practice moving from specific learning outcomes (SLOs) to case development. Participants will leave the session with a solid idea of how to link SLOs to cases to facilitate the assessment process.

Marcia Hagen, Metropolitan State University (United States)

Mehmet Koseoglu, Metropolitan State University (United States)

Jun Li, Metropolitan State University (United States)

Carol Bormann Young, Metropolitan State University (United States)


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