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MOBTS 2022

MOBTS 2022 Proceedings - ISBN: 978-1-7346398-2-7 »

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The world at your fingertips: Experiencing of global virtual teams by running X-Culture in a management classroom

Keywords: Cross-cultural, role-play, exercise

Abstract: Understanding how to communicate with people from different cultures is vital to students’ success. We will share how we use X-Culture, a global virtual student collaboration project, in a face-to-face upper-level undergraduate management classroom. We will also simulate a role play exercise where participants will be asked to take on a role from different cultures and develop a team charter. We will discuss perceptual biases or cultural stereotypes that may have been reinforced or proven false during the activity. We will also share key learning assignments which may be useful with this, or any cross-cultural team experience.

Karen Stock, Walsh University (United States)

Steven Edelson, Walsh University (United States)


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