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MOBTS 2022

MOBTS 2022 Proceedings - ISBN: 978-1-7346398-2-7 »

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Designing, Building, Influencing, and Supporting: The Artistry of Reframing Teaching

Keywords: Reframing Teaching, Self-Awareness Development, Diversity and Inclusion

Abstract: Diversity of thought holds the power to awaken the learning environment. Drawing on Experiential Learning, Gestalt Psychology, and Self-Determination Theory, the art and practice of teaching and learning are reframed for virtual and in-person delivery. Implicit instructor preferences impacting course design and delivery are explored. By incorporating diverse lenses of teaching and learning, co-created instructor-student reflexivity, and modeling, a psychologically safe student-centered learning environment is enabled, leading to greater self-and social awareness, choice, and development. Through experiential activities, we present key findings from instructor and undergraduate student perspectives. Participants will leave with enhanced self-awareness and strategies for reframing teaching.

Susan Case, Case Western Reserve University (United States)

H. Michael Schwartz, Case Western Reserve University (United States)

Sharon Ehasz, Case Western Reserve University (United States)

Veronica Madell, Case Western Reserve University (United States)


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