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International MOBTS 2020

Full Program

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Thursday, 30 January 2020
(Rehua Foyer)

If you’d like to check-in early to grab your badge and conference t-shirt, please stop by the Rehua Foyer between 3pm and 6pm. The conference registration table will be open again all day on Friday and on Saturday morning.

(UC Staff Club)

Join us to open up International MOBTS 2020 at University of Canterbury with our opening reception! Meet the Board of Directors on site including MOBTS President Micheal Stratton, OB-1 Gary Stark, and 2020 Programme Chair Sarah Wright. After some introductions and brief remarks, it’s time to get to know one another over some drinks. So come on over, relax, and take a sip of the MOBTS kool-aid.

Members of MOBTS leadership will be present at Rehua following conference registration (3pm-6pm) if you would like to walk over as part of a group. Otherwise, feel free to meet us there. The address is: UC Staff Club, 90 Ilam Rd.

Friday, 31 January 2020
(Rehua Foyer)
(Rehua Foyer)

The morning rituals occur every day in the Rehua building. They are not officially part of the conference but everyone in the building is invited to participate and/or observe. The ritual involves waiata (Maori songs) and a morning karakia (prayer) and is led by a Kaumātua (Maori elder).

(Rehua 002)Opening Session of International Mobts 2020!Sarah Wright, University of Canterbury; Micheal Stratton, UNC Asheville; Brandon Charpied, Management & Organizational Behavior Teaching Society
Rehua 002Rehua 005Rehua 101
Professional Development: Mastering The JourneyPatricia Hubbard, University of Auckland; Kevin Kempin, University of Auckland Developing A Social Impact Orientation Within A Mainstream Nz Business Degree: Pedagogical Goals and Instrumental RealitiesLisa Maurice-Takerei, AUT University; Fiona Hurd, AUT University; Angsana Techatassanasoontorn, AUT University How Excellent Reviewing Helps Your Scholarship: Journal of Management Education and Management Teaching ReviewKathy Lund Dean, Gustavus Adolphus College; Jeanie Forray, Western New England University; Kathi Lovelace, Menlo College; Sarah Wright, University of Canterbury; Paul Donovan, Maynooth University; Charles Fornaciari, LaSalle University; Christine Rivers, Surrey University
(Rehua 108 - Community Engagement Hub)
(Rehua 002)Manuscript Development Incubator: Authoring and Publishing In Management Education ScholarshipKathy Lund Dean, Gustavus Adolphus College; Jeanie Forray, Western New England University; Paul Hibbert, University of St. Andrews; Kathi Lovelace, Menlo College; Todd Bridgman, Victoria University of Wellington; David Jones, Northumbria University; Charles Fornaciari, LaSalle University
(Rehua 009)Teaching Tolerance In Business SchoolsJohn B Stark, California State University, Bakersfield; Liora Gubkin, California State University, Bakersfield
(Rehua 005)Using Radical Candour In Assessment FeedbackTago Mharapara, Auckland University of Technology
(Rehua 108 - Community Engagement Hub)
Rehua 002Rehua 005Rehua 101Rehua 102
In My WorldPeggy Andrews, Hamline School of Business; Anne McCarthy, Hamline School of Business Gather Around The Experiential FireAmy Kenworthy, Bond University; George Hrivnak, Bond University; Peggy Hedges, University of Calgary; Norm Althouse, University of Calgary; Jeanie Forray, Western New England University; Kathi Lovelace, Menlo College; Fiona Hurd, Auckland University of Technology; Suzette Dyer, University of Waikato; Michael Cohen, Deakin University; Christine Rivers, University of Surrey; Kathy Lund Dean, Gustavus Adolphus College; Kevin Lo, University of San Francisco Designing and Implementing Video Cases To Teach Undergraduate Students About Organizational BehaviorMarissa Edwards, The University of Queensland; Elizabeth Nichols, The University of Queensland Exploring Online Learning Best Practices To Improve Retention and Success Strategies For Supporting Online Management Students In Rural Or Remote RegionsHeather Stewart, Griffith University; Deborah Delaney, Griffith University
(Rehua 108 - Community Engagement Hub)
Rehua 002Rehua 009Rehua 102
Using Zimbardo’s Experiment Video Documentary To Effectively Teach The Power of Roles and Negatives In TeamsDiana Smrt Promoting International Student SuccessCarol Bormann Young, Metropolitan State University (MN) Reshaping and Reinventing Management Education Using Collaborative Team Teaching As A Mechanism For Professional Development and Succession PlanningKimberly O'Connor, Purdue University Fort Wayne; Kimberly McDonald, Purdue University Fort Wayne
(Botanical Gardens)

Join us for a wonderful tour through the gorgeous city of Christchurch. Our tour bus will begin being loaded at 5:00pm, so please remain around Rehua following the final sessions of the day. After the tour, we will head to Ilex Café in the Botanical Gardens. The tour bus will collect us from the Ilex Café and return us to Rehua following dinner. For those meeting us at the Ilex Café, the address is: Christchurch Botanic Gardens, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8013, New Zealand

Saturday, 1 February 2020
(Rehua Foyer)
Rehua 002Rehua 005Rehua 009Rehua 102
Teaching With Arts: How Paintings Enrich Classroom Insights and DiscussionVolker Rundshagen, Hochschule Stralsund; Markus Raueiser, Cologne Business School Illuminating Mental Health Headwinds In Management Doctoral ProgramsAdam Pervez, Mississippi State University; Kevin Lo, University of San Francisco; Terry Nelson, University of Alaska Anchorage; Kenneth Mullane, Salem State University; Lisa Brady, University of Alabama; Andrew Bennett, Old Dominion University Classroom As Organization - Taking The PlungeMelissa Knott, Western New England University Who’s Class Is It Anyway?: Integrating Technology To Mitigate Negative BehaviourPatricia Hubbard, University of Auckland
Rehua 002Rehua 005Rehua 009Rehua 101
Lego Blocks – A Foundation For Effective Group WorkRussell Wordsworth, University of Canterbury Creativity In The Classroom: Exploring The Wicked Problems of Business Using Visual PedagogiesSuzette Dyer, University of Waikato; Fiona Hurd, Auckland University of Technology Building A Global Community of Teaching AcademicsJanis Wardrop, UNSW Business School; Leanne Piggott, UNSW Blended Learning BeginningsAnn-Marie Kennedy, University of Canterbury
(Rehua 108 - Community Engagement Hub)
Rehua 005Rehua 009Rehua 101Rehua 102
Flipped Learning Exercises Can Be Fun!Alick Kay, University of South Australia Teamwork Makes The Dream Work, If It Is Set Up Properly!Gloria Miller, Austin Peay State University Developing Shared Leadership Through Improvisational Theatre ExercisesJiunwen Wang, Singapore University of Social Sciences; Ivy Chia, Singapore University of Social Sciences Scholarly Bricolage: A Call To QuestMicheal Axelsen, The University of Queensland; Ann Wallin, The University of Queensland; Sarel Gronum, The University of Queensland
(Rehua 108 - Community Engagement Hub)
Rehua 002Rehua 005Rehua 009Rehua 101Rehua 102
Never, Ever Blow On A TarantulaKathy Lund Dean, Gustavus Adolphus College; Charles Fornaciari, LaSalle University; Carolyn Plump, LaSalle University; John Stark, California State University--Bakersfield Share and Show: Cultivating Sensemaking Capability In The Management ClassroomBronte van der Hoorn, University of Southern Queensland; Catherine P. Killen, University of Technology Sydney Tending To Socio-Emotional Needs & Development In The ClassroomAfif Nassif, University of Washington Bothell They Want What??? Baby Boomers, Generation X, and MillennialsTim O. Peterson, North Dakota State University; Claudette M. Peterson, North Dakota State University; Sydney Thielbar, North Dakota State University Preparing For Their Visit: A Best-Practices Framework For Guest Speakers In Management EducationMichael Kirchner, Purdue University Fort Wayne; Lisa Adams, Alabama University; Kimberly O'Connor, Purdue University Fort Wayne
(Rehua 108 - Community Engagement Hub)
Rehua 002Rehua 101
Meet The Editors – Incubator Session: Journal of Management Education and Management Teaching ReviewKathy Lund Dean, Gustavus Adolphus College; Jeanie Forray, Western New England University; Paul Donovan, Maynooth University; Kathi Lovelace, Menlo College; Charles Fornaciari, LaSalle University; Sarah Wright, University of Canterbury; Christine Rivers, Surrey University Designing Escape Activities For Higher Education: Build Your Own Escape BoxStuart Middleton, University of Queensland Business School; Shakira Moss, University of Queensland Business School
(Rehua 101)History In Practice: A Self-Guided History Hunt ActivityStuart Middleton , The University of Queensland; Ann Wallin, The University of Queensland; Sara Eckberg, The University of Queensland; Alexandra Kriz, The University of Queensland; Richard Buning, The University of Queensland; Matthew Peters, The University of Queensland

Please join us for drinks and light appetizers as we close out IMOBTS with some final thoughts.


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