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Management & Organizational Behavior Teaching Society 2018 Conference

Full Program

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Tuesday, 5 June 2018
(WALL 222 (Boardroom))
Wednesday, 6 June 2018
WALL 222 (Boardroom)Tradition Hall 130AChanticleer Hall 128
(WALL 211)
(WALL 208)Fellows Get TogetherJoe Seltzer
Thursday, 7 June 2018
WALL 226WALL 210AOC 216WALL 211WALL 222 (Boardroom)WALL 208WALL 225AOC2 201AOC 217AOC 214AOC2 210AOC2 204
An Efficient Technique For Giving Feedback On Student WritingJoan McMahon An Exercise To Develop And Practice Self-reflectionJann Freed Beyond Video: Using Podcast Clips To Illustrate Management ConceptsCaitlin Sockbeson Developing Storytelling As A Pre-entrepreneurship SkillJanice Black Fighting Abstraction In Strategy Courses: Using A Personal Career Lens And Linkedin For More Relevant LearningJoseph Gerard Just In Time: Student Driven Content TeachingNicholas Schlereth Leadership Lessons From HistoryNancy Hanson-Rasmussen Let's Try This Again: Shooting And Reshooting To Demonstrate The Impact Of Different ConstructsJoy Smith Pandemic In The Classroom! Using A Cooperative Board Game To Teach Organizational Behavior And “save The World.”Chantal van Esch Strike That Pose: An Infamous Ted TalkDavid Kaplan The "aha!" Of Student-led Work Team BoostersJim Fullerton
WALL 210WALL 226WALL 211AOC2 204WALL 222 (Boardroom)AOC2 201AOC 214AOC 216WALL 225AOC 217AOC2 210WALL 208
A Decline In Empathy: What Management Education Has To OfferJanine Clarke; Dale Finn Addressing Persistent Questions Of Our Careers And CallingE. James Flynn; Charles Fornaciari Creatively Leveraging The Power Of Story Through Métissage To Honor Both Heritage And Reinvention.Kathy Bishop; M. Beth Page Experiential Fire: Reigniting The Flames!Jennifer Leigh; Rose Hair; Collette Dumas; Robert Herring; Ashley Lesko; Julie Palmer; Barry Oshry; Emily Tarr Harnessing Our Heritage With A (not So Simple) Activity: Experiencing Bolman & Deal’s Power SimulationKathy Lund Dean; Lee Bolman; Alex Bolinger Human Performance As The Bottom LineTim Peterson; Kelsey Knutson Millennial-approved Technology In The ClassroomDiana Smrt Teaching The Cynefin Domains Of Knoweldge As PracticeElyssebeth Leigh The Production Trading GameGarrett Giles; Eric Nelson; Christine Opatrny-Yazell The Understanding Chain: Creating Effective Messages From Classic Stories For Various AudiencesKimberly Jordan; Mary Tucker; Catherine Penrod; Shawnee Meek Will This Be On The Test? Establishing Relevance In Strategic ManagementFrancee Preston
AOC2 210WALL 208WALL 222 (Boardroom)WALL 226WALL 225WALL 211AOC2 201AOC 216AOC2 204AOC 217AOC 214WALL 210
Beyond Role Plays: New Strategies For Teaching Negotiation And Conflict ResolutionAmanda Weirup; Melissa Manwaring Board Games In The Classroom: AcquireSusana Velez-Castrillon; Pooya Tabesh Gather Around The Garbage Fire! More Learning From Experiential Activities Gone AwrySteven Edelson; Kevin Lo; Micheal Stratton; Terry Nelson; Chantal van Esch; Cristina Arroyo Inquiry-focused Pedagogy In A Radically Student Directed ClassroomRay Luechtefeld Learning From The Capture And Exploration Of Stories: An Activity And Lessons LearnedJon Beard Loving, Liking, Or Loathing Leadership LessonsJason Pierce; Yonghong (Tracy) Liu Teaching With Twitter: Connecting With The Community And ClassesErin Makarius; Alexa Fox Teams Time Machine: Past, Present, And Future Of Teams In Management EducationLisa Delise; Nancy Scott The Role Of Transformative Curricula In Leader Education And DevelopmentDaniel Smith; Daniel Harris; Denise Breaux-Soignet; Jordon Swain Visual Literacy Through Photography As A Pathway To Understanding ComplexityJustina Oliveira; Shawn Maureen Powers Who Are We? Where Are We From? From Self-identity To Social Identity To Organizational IdentityTimothy Harper; Azita Hirsa
AOC 216AOC 217WALL 226WALL 208WALL 222 (Boardroom)AOC2 210WALL 211WALL 210AOC 214AOC2 201WALL 225AOC2 204
A 5-year Retrospective: What Have We Learned About Teaching Virtual Work Skills?Barbara Larson; Erin Makarius A Kinesthetic Introduction To Organizational Architecture And AlignmentJason Pierce Building Consensus Around Academic Rigor In Management EducationArlise McKinney; Nicholas Rhew; Angela Miles; Jennifer Collins; Millicent Nelson Gather Around The “video-clip Campfire” And Share Your Best Teaching Video ClipsMaria Alejandra Quijada; Timothy Baldwin; Robert Marx Meet The Editors – Journal Of Management Education And Management Teaching ReviewKathy Lund Dean Mindful Learning: The Role Of Imprints, Storytelling And Action Inquiry To Improve Its PracticeNicole Jackson; Kenneth Klieman Reflection Exercises And Assignments To Enhance Students’ Emotional IntelligenceKevin Lo Social Presencing Theater Teaching & Learning ActivityKen Mawritz, Ph.D. Teaching And Facilitating A Spirit-in-action Spiritual Leadership PracticeKathy Bishop; Louis W. (Jody) Fry Teaching Ob In A Classroom As Organization Format: Your Questions AnsweredDebby Thomas; Stacie Chappell Using Visual Mapping To Communicate How Learning Objectives Link To Student Tasks.Vincent Bruni-Bossio; Jay Wilson
WALL 222 (Boardroom)AOC2 210AOC2 201WALL 225WALL 211AOC 214AOC 216WALL 208WALL 226AOC2 204WALL 210AOC 217
A Feedback Role PlayMaria Alejandra Quijada Designing A Management Education Course On Individual Leadership Based On Emotional & Social Intelligence (esi) And The Ideal SelfUdayan Dhar Designing And Implementing A Management Professional Development WorkshopBeth Polin; Thomas M. Martin Everything In The Environment Changes, But Do We?Dave Fearon; Joe Seltzer; Joan Weiner Fun With The Fishbone Diagram: How Fundamental Attribution Error Affects Team Problem SolvingBrad Ward Gamification And The Evolution Of Management EducationDanny Wysong; Alex Scrimpshire Greenwashing Product Lab For Responsible Business LeadershipNancy Hanson-Rasmussen Introducing Two Fun Games To Replace Traditional Paper And Pencil QuizzesBahareh Javadizadeh; Hank Strevel Missing Manager Escape Room ExerciseElizabeth Haley Using A Panel Discussion To Improve Students’ Learning About Performance Management And Appraisal In Human Resource ManagementDavid Beaudry Using The Passion For Superbowl To Learn About Project ManagementMark Thackeray; Janaina (Jane) Siegler
WALL 208AOC 214WALL 211WALL 222 (Boardroom)AOC 216AOC2 201WALL 210WALL 226AOC 217WALL 225AOC2 204AOC2 210
As The Cookie Crumbles: Porter's Five ForcesSue McNamara Bringing Liberal Arts Contents, Skills, And Pedagogies To The Study Of BusinessJeffrey Nesteruk Experiential Learning In Management, Bounds During Debriefing Activities: A Follow Up On “ethical Issues With Experiential Activities.”Carlos Baldo; Kyle Hull Fellows Session ITBD TBD I Didn’t Understand The Assignment: Mitigating Technology’s Impact On Student CognitionLaurie Levesque Illustrating And Demonstrating Path-goal Leadership: A Golf Putting ActivityShontarius D. Aikens Making The Context The Case: When Murderers And Business Majors Study Teams In PrisonJeff Schatten Reflective Reinvention: Addressing The Skeletons In Our PastROGER DEAN Scrum-sprints With Online Bulletin Boards For Student Projects And As A Qualitative Intro To Project ManagementGregory Weisenborn; Scott Jones The Golden Shadow Of Classroom As OrganizationStacie Chappell; Debby Thomas The Team-mri As Method In Teaching And TrainingCarsten Hennig What Students And Educators Can Learn From Negotiation CompetitionsMelissa Manwaring; Amanda Weirup
Friday, 8 June 2018
WALL 226AOC 214AOC2 201AOC 217WALL 211AOC2 204WALL 225AOC2 210WALL 210WALL 208AOC 216
Academic Integrity: Understanding Faculty Attitudes & Strategies For Promoting Academic IntegrityMichele Yoder; Joy Beatty Follower Dependency And Ethical Decision-making: A Scenario-based ExerciseStephen Hill Leading For The Planet: Introducing A Course On Leadership, Climate Change And Energy Evolution Into The Management CurriculumRae Andre Reflecting On And Renovating Teaching Evaluations Within Non-traditional ClassroomsVelvet Weems-Landingham Reflective Reinvention: Let’s Turn Back The Clock To Our First Few Years In The ClassroomJulie "J.P." Palmer Reinventing The Student Team Experience In A First-year Integrated CurriculumAndrew Marsherall Rethinking The T-group As PedagogyMichael London Stop, Aim, Deliver: An Exercise In Focusing On And Engaging Your AudienceDiane DeRubertis; Mark Whitmore Understanding U.s. Business Culture Through Contrast: The Case Of Undergraduate Business Study In Peru, Nicaragua, And CubaJoseph Gerard; Jack P. Greeley Us Too? The Role And Responsibility Of Management Education In A #metoo WorldJoan Gallos; Lee Bolman What Should Educators Do When Students Show No Interest In Traditional Learning?Marie Gould Harper
WALL 208AOC2 201AOC 216WALL 210AOC 214WALL 211WALL 225AOC 217WALL 226AOC2 204AOC2 210
#metoo And Management Education: Using This Social Media Movement To Encourage Students To Reflect Upon Workplace Culture, Law, And EthicsKimberly O'Connor All Tournaments Are Rigged: How To Talk Coherently About PowerJohn Miller Casting A Wide Net: The Use Of Podcasting To Reach Students On The GoShaun Davenport It’s Like Cycling: The Application Of Threshold Conceptions To Teaching An Introduction To Human Resource ManagementDianna Krueger; Thomas Bradley Let’s Talk About Business Ethics!Robert Steinbauer Reinventing Ourselves: Thinking About Staying Relevant In Today’s Dynamic Higher Education ArenaRita Shea-Van Fossen; George Smith; Kathleen Barnes; JoDee LaCasse Scaling Up: Maintaining Course Quality With Increased Class SizeCyrus Parks; Barbara Carlin Soft Skills: A Professional WrangleMatthew VanSchenkhof; Roger Putzel; Eric Nelson Something In The Air: Atmospheric Attunement In Management EducationKathy Mack The Management League Cup: A Semester-long Team-based Experiential Learning InfrastructureMatthew Luth Who’s On First: An Exercise On Workplace CommunicationMark Julien; Micheal Stratton; Russell Clayton
AOC2 204AOC2 210AOC 216AOC 217WALL 210AOC2 201WALL 208WALL 211AOC 214WALL 225WALL 226
“you Were A Lousy Teammate, But I’ll Give You An A”: The Inflation Of Graded Peer-assessmentsJessie Olien; Greg Berka ; Sabrina Speights An Activity In Service Of Improving Students’ Final PresentationsSarah Woodside H5p: Creating Interactive And Engaging Online ContentErin Makarius; Scott Bible How To Have A Conversation With A StrangerJanice Black How To Hook Your Ob Students Early With A “what’s In It For Me?” OpenerKenneth Mullane Lessons Learned From Incorporating Leadership Simulations In The ClassroomRoy Lewicki; Charles Buchanan Sexual Harassment: Navigating A Touchy SubjectKori Callison Slow Professoring: Navigating The Complex And Controversial Management Of Your Teaching And Scholarly Time For Holistic WellbeingThomas Hawk Using Ethicsgame To Develop Ethical Identity And AwarenessJoy Beatty Using Professional Development Experiential Learning Workshops To Build Career SkillsVincent Bruni-Bossio; Marjorie Delbaere Who Is Training The Trainers: Supporting Our Adjunct ColleaguesJohn B Stark; Lori Paris
AOC 217AOC2 210AOC2 204WALL 210WALL 222 (Boardroom)WALL 225WALL 208AOC 214
Best Practices: Incorporating Speakers In The ClassroomCarrie A. Blair; Ivana Milosevic; Alexis Carrico Expanding The Pie: Negotiating In AcademiaBarbara Ritter; Kathleen Barnes; Patricia Hedberg; Peter McNamara; Erika Small; Micheal Stratton Experiential Learning: Who Knew Wrapping Blocks Could Teach Management?Regina C. Yanson; Alysa D. Lambert Managing To FlourishPeggy Andrews Mid-career And Senior ConsortiumDale Finn; Tom Hawk; Kathleen Kane; Joe Seltzer; Judi Strauss-Lipkin; Joan Weiner; Joan Gallos Reinventing Classroom Learning In The 21st Century: An Exercise Toolkit For Management CoursesSheri Schulte; Scott Bible Teaching About Diversity Is Hard, Especially When You’re In The Majority…Terry Nelson; Suzanne de Janasz Towards A Poetry Of Reflection And Reinvention: The Poetry Gallery WorkshopWilliam Van Buskirk; Michael London; Frank Barrett
WALL 225AOC2 210AOC 216WALL 222 (Boardroom)WALL 210AOC2 204WALL 208AOC 217WALL 226WALL 211AOC2 201
A Tale Of Three Cases: Ob/hr Cases Developed After Attending A 2017 Obtc WorkshopSusan Dustin; Mary Sue Love; Tina Thompson Appling Pre-suasion By Cialdini To Augment Experience-based Learning In ObAshley Prisant Lesko; Marvin Hansen Beyond Discussion Boards: Engagement Methods In The Online ClassroomTherese Sprinkle; Robert Yawson Bradford SessionTBD TBD Grading: Providing Feedback While Maintaining Your SanityMarie McKendall; Beverly DeMarr Group Work & 21st Century StudentNicholas Schlereth Keeping The Passion, Cooling The Anger: Handling Controversial Subjects In Class Through A Structured ExerciseMary Ellen Zuckerman Mapping Management: An Online Tool For Collaborative Theory MappingMatthew Jarman Not Seen And Not Heard: Building A Support System For Management Educators With Learning DisabilitiesChantal van Esch; Lisa Stickney Research Is Not My Passion – Help Me Publish PleaseMelissa Knott Using Leader-member Exchange (lmx) As A Mental Model For Relationship BuildingShontarius D. Aikens
Saturday, 9 June 2018
(WALL 222 (Boardroom))
AOC2 204WALL 211AOC 214AOC 216WALL 226AOC 217WALL 222 (Boardroom)AOC2 210WALL 210AOC2 201WALL 208
“my Last Client-based Class Project Was A Disaster”: Developing Best Practices For A Successful Project ProcessBeth Schneider; Gregory Berka A Scaffolded Approach To Teaching About Organizational Culture: The Texas A&m Culture ExerciseAlexander Bolinger; Tyler Burch Can Forced Ranking Be Used As A Pedagogical Tool?Matthew VanSchenkhof; Eric Nelson Creating Community And Student Engagement Beyond The Online Discussion BoardOpal Leung; Terry Nelson; W. Keith Story Effecting Change In Universities: Reflections On Four Change EffortsDale Rude Evaluating A Curriculum: How Can We Know What Our Students Are Really Learning?Elena Dowin Kennedy; Sean McMahon Fellows Session IiTBD TBD Me PosterLeann Mischel; Peter Gasca Reflection And Reinvention Of Faculty And Student InteractionAimee Wheaton The Workforce Has Evolved: Are Business Schools Teaching Inclusive Leadership Techniques To Accommodate An Increasingly Dynamic Workforce?Angela Even When It Goes Wrong In The Classroom: Reshaping, Reinventing, And Saving The DayKimberly O'Connor; Gordon Schmidt; Michael Kirchner
WALL 211WALL 210WALL 208AOC2 210WALL 226AOC 217AOC 216AOC2 204AOC 214AOC2 201
A Dialogue On Navigating Change: Personal, Professional, Environmental, And GlobalKathy Kane Developing A Formal Conceptual Process Model For Mentoring Students In The Development, Execution And Completion Of Capstone And/or Independent ProjectsAnnette Mondry; Loren Kuzuhara Getting To Maybe? Negotiation And Conflict Resolution Strategies In Divisive TimesSuzanne de Janasz; Joy Schneer Lost In Translation: Helping Students Understand Scholarly WorksVicki Taylor; Lisa Stickney; C. Melissa Fender; Beverly DeMarr Mind Mapping - The Power Of Related Vs Unrelated StimuliLeann Mischel; Peter Gasca Overcoming Resistance To Change: Managing Student Readiness For Pre-learning Instruction Methods (flipped Learning And Team-based Learning)Alick Kay; Peter Balan Team Consulting Projects As Experiential Learning In An Ob ClassroomDianne Murphy; Gloria Miller Those Who Can Do, Those Who Can’t – Teach: Three Ways To Go Beyond Professor And Student Stereotypes That Will Immediately Energize Your ClassroomAshley Lesko Training Mbas To Use Management Research In Strategic Decision-makingKlavdia Evans; Gail Kaciuba; Matt Gilley; Gregory Dess


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