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Is The Good Place in Your Classroom? Having a Doctor of Ethics and Moral Philosophy Come Teach Your Management Ethics Classes (#SpoilerAlert)

Teaching management ethics can be difficult, as students generally have not had extensive backgrounds in the complex and mottled philosophical constructs that form the basis of management ethics. In this session, we will provide a light-hearted and contemporary way of bringing ethical theories into the classroom. Specifically, we will start with a discussion on the main issues in teaching ethics in undergraduate and graduate level classes and then we introduce the show The Good Place as a teaching aid for ethics. Participants will be introduced to the format of the show and how it introduces ethical philosophies, they will then hear a multitude of ways in which these can be incorporated into Ethics, Management, Organizational Behavior, or Leadership classes (recommended for undergraduate level but could be used at the graduate level with adaptations), and finally the participants can join in a closing discussion on best practices on how to evaluate students’ understanding of ethics. #SpoilerAlert; we recommend that participants watch the first season of The Good Place before coming if they do not wish to hear any spoilers.

Chantal van Esch
Cal Poly Pomona
United States

Emily Tarr
Cal State San Marcus
United States


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