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Using the World Café Approach for Class Discussion Participation and Engagement

The selection of suitable pedagogical tools can make a significant difference in student engagement and learning performance. The World Café is an intentional way to create a living network of conversations around questions that matter. It is a creative methodology for hosting authentic discussions in groups of all sizes. The World Café technique has been used in various settings, including both graduate and undergraduate classrooms. Its classroom use has proven to be a robust pedagogical tool for active learning, including class discussion, participation, and student engagement. In this proposal, we will demonstrate the World Café classroom approach and how instructors can facilitate the process.

Robert Yawson
School of Business, Quinnipiac University
United States

Therese Sprinkle
School of Business, Quinnipiac University
United States

Michael Urick
McKenna School of Business, Economics, and Government, Saint Vincent College
United States

Ivy Johnson-Kanda
College of Arts and Sciences, Quinnipiac University
United States


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