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Harnessing humility to avoid getting burned when the experiential fire becomes a garbage fire

Management educators who attend MOBTS, inspired by other educators and practitioners are generally open to new experiences, and learning from others’ great ideas. But sometimes the experiential fire which we try to harness burns us instead. Well-intentioned new ideas fail. Oft-practiced activities drawn from our society’s own journals aren’t executed in our own classrooms as well as they were drawn up on the pages of those journals. Most educators can likely reflect on their own classroom situations gone awry; That is what this session learning from each others' failure and harnessing the power of instructor humility to do so.

Chantal van Esch
Cal Poly Ponoma
United States

Lo Kevin
University of San Francisco
United States

Allen Scott
John Carroll University
United States

Cristina Arroyo
United States

Stark Gary
Northern Michigan University
United States

Stratton Micheal
University of North Carolina, Asheville
United States

Nelson Terry
University of Alaska, Anchorage
United States

Steven Edelson
Walsh University
United States


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