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Virtual MOBTS 2020

Virtual MOBTS 2020 Proceedings

158 “Claiming our place at the table” Building a global voice for teaching academics
Janis Wardrop

79 ”Shall We Play A Game?”: Incorporating Principles of Gamification in the business classroom
Shontarius D. Aikens, Emily Tarr, Jason Myrowitz, Steven Edelson

Tim Gardner, Alex Romney

51 A Communication Audit Assignment to Enhance Virtual Teaming and Individual Communication Skills
Brenda Bailey-Hughes

76 A discussion of classroom interventions to increase student psychological resources and well-being
Rosanna Miguel, Alison Dachner

70 A Honey of an Industry: The Five Forces Game
Michele Yoder

11 A Simulation-based Learning Approach to Teaching Diversity in an Online Course

134 A Team-based Project Using Design Thinking to Creatively Problem-Solve
Jonathan Ledbetter

111 Acclimate, regroup, and reflect at base camp before you climb to the summit: a reflective exercise for students as they prep for a tough upper-division mountain of a course
Gregory Weisenborn, Rachel Dolechek, Brad Goebel

148 An Experiential Digital Global Engagement (EDGE) Exercise
Yang Xu

19 Applying Photographic Methods in an MBA Classroom: The implementation of a Pecha Kucha assignment in a field study course
Joshua Ray, Geir Bergvin

154 Applying Schwartz’s Theory of Values for a Values Exercise
Gerardo Miranda

131 Assessing Student Performance in an All Online World
Barbara Carlin

157 Bookends: Adventures in Undergraduate and Graduate Immersive and Intensive Course Delivery in a Brave New Online World
David W. Auberry, Rose Hair, Monica Valentine

126 Bradford Award Session
Barbara Ritter

49 Bringing science and data into the management classroom: An example using BLS reports
Sarah Holtzen

143 Building an Authentic Relationship with Your Students Online: Is it really possible to foster psychological safety with your students?
Brooke Klassen, Vince Bruni-Bossio, Jay Wilson

136 Climate Change, Covid-19, and Curricula: How Should Business Schools Address Wicked Problems?
Rae Andre

118 Competency-Based Education: Reshaping Programs and Courses to Learning Outcomes
James Spee, Sharyn Gardner, Eric Richardson, Jean Gordon, Robert Bromber, Lara Limboni-Amui, Kevin Snyder, Joanna Beth Tweedy, Luciana Cezarino

160 Connecting from here to where?
Judi Strauss-Lipkin, David Fearon, Joan Weiner

135 Considering an International Assignment: A Job Offer Role Play
Carla C. Flores, Ronda Smith

145 COVID-19 and the Five Stages of Grief: Pedagogical Applications of the Kübler-Ross Model
Kathi Lovelace

140 COVID-19 as Episodic Shock in Re-defining Purpose in Business Schools
Nicole Jackson, Linda Dunn-Jensen

110 Creativity and collaboration: helping students discover and use their "mind patterns" and "thinking skills"
Bruce Paton

119 Design Principles for Creating Your Own Classroom as Organization (CAO)
Stacie Chappell, Debby Thomas

31 Designing Courses to Develop Students’ Personal Resilience: A “Hidden Curriculum” to Facilitate Student Success
Ray Luechtefeld, Lorin Walker

1 Designing Online Courses: A New Approach
Janet McCollum, Catherine Barber, Wendy Maboudian

81 Developing an LGBTQ-friendly College of Business: A Roadmap for Change
Allison Miller, Whitney Ginder, Joanna Schwatrz, Sarah Owen, Jamie Harrell

122 Drawing out critical conversations in the management classroom
Bronte van der Hoorn, S. Jon Whitty

21 Enabling “Career Ambidexterity” as a New Learning Paradigm in Management Classrooms for the Innovation Economy
Nicole Jackson , Linda Dunn-Jensen

100 Envisioning a “Dream Job” to Learn Self-Determination Theory
Mark Promislo

14 Expanding the Pie: Negotiating in Academia
Barbara Ritter, Patricia Hedberg, John Stark, Erika Small, Rachel Clapp-Smith, Micheal Stratton, Gary Coombs

25 Experiential Fire: Keeping the Home Fires Burning
Rose Hair, Julie Palmer, Smriti Anand, Stacy Astrove, Andrew Bennett, Bethany Cockburn, David Fearon

69 Exploring of the History, Current State, and Potential of the Traditional Lecture
Beth Polin

115 Fellows Session: Casting Practice in a Co-starring Role with Theory
David Fearon, Peter Vaill

97 First Day Exercises: Motivate Class Preparation, Discuss Course Design, and Show You Care
Theresa Wilson, Wendy Cook, William Provaznik

130 Forced Online: Synchronous or Asynchronous Learning?
Caitlin Sockbeson

128 From Authoritative to Shared Leadership: Learning Through Videos of Conductors
Jiunwen Wang, Ivy Chia

50 Gamify Your Class Within Your Course Management System
Brenda Bailey-Hughes

147 Getting Real: Online Leadership Assessment Center
Kim Trahan, Brian Redmond, Jason Willams

86 Going back to the flaming dumpster: Revisiting experiential exercises gone awry.
Steven Edelson, Micheal Stratton, Terry Nelson, Jason Fertig

127 Help! Asynchronous Online Discussion Posts: How to Make Them Effective Without Zapping Faculty’s Time and Energy
Alexandra M. Dunn, Sabrina Speights, Haley Woznyj

94 How to talk about capitalism
Sarah Stookey

88 Improving Management Learning by Case Instruction
David Stehlik

72 Improving Negotiation Skills-Based Learning Online: A Roundtable Session
Susan Dustin, Mary Sue Love, Suzanne De Janasz, Beverly De Marr

53 In the news: Connecting course material to the real world
Jennifer Eury

85 In Their Own Words: A Classroom Exercise to Expose Gender Bias in Student Teams
Katherine Ryan, Keith Dayton

114 Innovating and Collaborating in Business Education for a Sustainable/Flourishing/Regenerating World
James A.F. Stoner, James Weichert, Morgane Fritz, Linda Irwin, Ken Sagendorf

34 Innovating using Agile Networking: Building collaboration with other management leaders
Ashley Prisant

98 Innovative and Collaborative Ways to Escape the Required Course Rut: A Roundtable Discussion
Meg Joseph

Jennifer Knippen

12 Leadership Skills and Competencies for the Digital Age: A Student Perspective
Jestine Philip, Mariya Gavrilova Aguilar, Robert Albright

39 Lessons in Chaos: Lessons from Complexity
Shane Fudge

36 Management/OB in the News: Application of management topics to real-world, current events
Alexandra M. Dunn, Haley M. Woznyj

2 Managing Difficult Student Situations
Maria Alejandra Quijada, Crystal Evans

133 Metaphors as Tool in Leadership Classroom
Jiunwen Wang

153 No News Is Good News: An Activity of Using Social Media in Crisis Communication
Ann Springer, Scott Springer

28 OB Comic Xchange: Sharing our Best Teaching Comics
Joy Beatty

17 Organizational Theory Roundtable – It’s Actually Super Fun to Teach OT!
Lucy Arendt, Opal Leung, Jason Myrowitz, Kathie Novak, Gordon Schmidt, Diana Smrt

156 Our Story: Building Rapport on Day One
Natasha Randle

159 Our Teacher Peter B Vaill (1936 -2020)
David Fearon

123 Past, present and future: How do we crack the pressures of academic leadership in the post Covid19 landscape?
Heather Stewart, Deborah Delaney

103 Pracademia: Increasing impact in and out of the classroom
Suzanne de Janasz, Maury Peiperl

29 Reading Poetry in the Business School Classroom
Russell Clayton, Mark Julien, Micheal Stratton

125 Roethlisberger Session
Rachel Clapp-Smith, Michelle M. Hammond, Gretchen Vogelgesang Lester, Michael Palanski

146 Service-Learning Courses: Facilitating Experiential Learning
Kwang-Ho Lee, Chih-Lun (Alan) Yen, Sotiris Hji-Avgoustis

47 Setting and Managing Expectations: A Framework for Onboarding Teaching Assistants
Michael Kirchner, Faith Stull, Stephanie Van Dellen

59 Setting the Tone: A Best Practices Discussion for Stimulating Student Engagement on the First Day of Class
Michael Kirchner, Faith Stull, Katie Holloway, Stephanie Van Dellen, Gordon Schmidt

83 Shock the System
Jason Fertig, Steven Edelson

16 Social Determinants of Student Mental Health: Searching for Solutions
Dayna Herbert Walker, Verónica Rabelo, Oscar Jerome Stewart, Drew Herbert

33 Stepping Up and Leaning In: Leadership Rotation in Peer Teams
Katherine Ryan, Linda Dunn-Jensen

26 Strategies for Implementing Observation-Based Instructional Coaching
David James

142 Taking highly interactive classes online: Learning from an unplanned experiment in synchronous distance learning.
Bruce Paton

109 Teaching Critical Thinking
Gary Stark, Stacy Boyer-Davis

141 Teaching Effective Communication through Drawing Cartoons
Kerri Crowne, Kristin Abell

152 Teaching Kohlberg’s Levels of Moral Development: Using Jojo Rabbit to Highlight the Journey
Douglas Lyon, Mika Kusar

151 Teaching Organizational Leadership Students how to Apply Engineering Principles to Design an “Inclusive & Welcoming Workplace” in a Gender & Diversity Management Class
Jennifer Hunter

102 Teaching the key principles of evidence-based management through the analogy of how students study and why
Maria Hasenhuttl

37 The Gift and Organization
Denise Outlaw

71 The Growth Challenge: balancing control and empowerment
Terry Schumacher

90 The Mental Health Crisis on College Campuses: Classroom Strategies to Support Student Academic Wellbeing
Stacy Boyer-Davis, Melissa Knott, Gary Stark

73 The Paradoxical Tensions of Young Teachers
Chantal van Esch, Robert Bonner, Brittany Buis, Yifeng Fan

84 The Persistent Questions of a Calling and Career: Mentoring as Innovation and Collaboration: Insights from the Across the Academic Career
E. James Flynn, Charles Fornaciari, Thomas Hawk, Jennifer Leight, Francis Daniel, Sarah Woodside, Dale Rude

4 Time to flip the coin? A role reversal perspective on sexual harassment in the workplace
Smriti Anand, Arjun Mitra

24 Using classroom experiences and post-course feedback to continuously improve our teaching practice
Elyssebeth Leigh, Patrick Simak, Anne Herbert, Ian Burness

89 Using Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle for Collaborative Innovation
Bruce Hanson

56 Using Panel Discussions to enhance ethical learning. Activity beyond the classroom with local impact.
Carlos Baldo, Justin Wareham, Julie Seidel

144 Using Personal Stories to Enhance the Team Member Experience
Monica Gavino, Ekundayo Akinlade

129 Using Virtual Reality to teach the effects of corporate culture on employee ethical decision making.
Robert Steinbauer, Anh Mai To

106 Utilizing the SCARF Model: A Better Way for Making Feedback Effective
Bahareh Javadizadeh, Bingqing Wu

13 Vices and Virtues of Virtual Teams
Jennifer Leigh, Kerri Brannen, Yamuna Baburaj , Kevin Lo

155 Virtual Empowerment: Surviving Online During Turbulent Times
Wanda Tisby-Cousar

132 What I Wish I Had Known Before I Started Teaching All My Classes Online
Barbara Carlin

78 When I ride along with you, I see a new world: Investigating the influence of ride-along program with police officers on students’ perception of police
Pratigya Sigdyal, Lori Paris, John Stark, Brian McNamara

120 Working Remote: Keeping your Department Close during a time of Distance
Marcia Hagen, Carol Bormann Young, Denise Williams


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