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Virtual MOBTS 2021

vMOBTS 2021 Proceedings

Shane Fudge

20 “To All – AWESOME Job!” Student Consulting Projects with Industry Partners: Overcoming Challenges and Ensuring the Value-Add for All Stakeholders
Michael Kirchner, Kimberly O'Connor, James Platzer

64 “Where you lead, I will follow”: Developing a Followership Value Proposition Statement
Shontarius D. Aikens

51 A discussion of student academic entitlement and possible strategies to mitigate the associated challenges
Alison Dachner, Rosanna Miguel

74 A Discussion on Mental Health and Academia
Maria Quijada, Adam Pervez

79 A Management Pedagogical Resources Index: A New Resource for Management Education
Beth Polin

101 Academic Leadership During Crisis: Lessons Learned by Academic Leaders During COVID-19
Gordon Schmidt, Joy Beatty, Barbara Ritter, Micheal Stratton, Erika Engel Small

114 Adapting an Inquiry-Focused, Radically Student Directed Classroom to the Virtual Environment
Ray Luechtefeld

85 Addressing climate change in leadership courses and across the university
Rae Andre

37 Advising: We’re doing it more but no one seems to know how to evaluate it.
Carlos Baldo, Julie Seidel, Justin Wareham

55 Applying Reality TV-style Competition to an Introductory Management Course
Todd Wiggen

137 Awards Ceremony
Gary Stark

106 BEYOND BUSINESS AS USUAL: Finding Ways Forward with early and new Technology
Jim Stoner, Jame Weichert, Morgane Fritz, Jack Oebker, Anjali Anjali, Linda Irwin, Ken Sagendorf, Michelle Weber, Sophia Town, John Hollwitz, Frank Werner, Michael Pirson

94 Block Talk: Leadership and Communication
Eric Nelson, Keira Solon, Autumn Wolf

43 Bringing the “Big Picture” into Intro to Management classes: A Roundtable Discussion
Yifeng Fan, Lisa Delise , Amy Breidenthal

72 Building EQ Competency in Students with an Empathy Map
Adrienne Reynolds

41 Butterfly Film Project
Kelly Fisher, Johnna Capitano, Jennifer Bozeman

29 Bye Bye Millennials, Hello Gen Z: Are You Prepared For The Next Generation of Students?
Phylicia Taylor, Maqueba Massey, Brittany Buis

81 Can experiential learning be achieved in asynchronous online education? An exercise on resistance to change
Amal Elasri Ejjaberi, Eva Rimbau-Gilabert

8 Can You Escape? Using Escape Mobile App Games to Teach Experiential Learning Online
Mai Trinh

60 Career Success and Satisfaction of People with Disabilities: The Role of Management Educators
Paresh Mishra, Rama Cousik

31 Case Study - NAC Enterprises
Anne Swearingen, Nathaniel Siats

2 Classroom and Experiential Learning – Utilizing to Educate and Motivate
Barry Palatnik, Zlatinka Blaber

11 Collaborating across institutions: A symposium to create a teaching community of Principles of Management instructors
Andrew Bennett, Alexandra Dunn, Haley Woznej

23 Court Appointed Special Advocates: Flexible work arrangements and employee work attitudes
Craig Seal, Patrick Flaherty, Krystal Miguel Rawls, Selina Sanchez, Di Fan, Maria Garcia Guzman

71 Covid-19 and Education Poverty: Moving Beyond Disruption to Healing
Stephanie Slater

5 Creating ambidextrous courses: A new way forward
Janet McCollum, Catherine Barber

127 Creating HR “Mini-Mock Trials” using Free Legal Documents
Mark Skowronski

125 Dance Like Nobody’s Looking, Talk Like You Have All of the Answers: Teaching Motivation through Temptation Bundling
Natasha Randle, Stacey McNeil

21 Data Analytics programs: Partnering Across the School of Business and within a Liberal Ats Setting
Mary Ellen Zuckerman, Christian Shin

134 Demonstrating the Power of Asking: Virtual Collaboration during class using a MIRO board
Maria Hasenhuttl

80 Demystifying Hyflex Teaching in the era of Covid-19: A Peek into the Lived Experience of Educators and Students
Sanghamitra Chaudhuri, Rebecca Evans, Nick Heissserer, Jason Cussler, Karen Pikula

Kathi Lovelace, Julia Melin

3 Digital Technologies in HR Alignment Practice: Identifying Five Key Issues and Their Relationship to Ethical Use
Nicole Jackson, Shalini Gopalkrishnan

120 Discrimination, Exclusion, and Loss of Human Capital: What Went Wrong at Bon Appetit?
Caitlin Sockbeson

15 Discussing Sexual Harassment in the Classroom (or Online): An Interactive Exercise
Gabriella Lewis

53 Don’t Be Blind Sided by the Dark Side: Going in With Your Eyes Wide Open When Thinking About Taking On Administrative Role in Today’s Dynamic Higher Education Arena
Kathleen Barnes, George Smith, John Stark, Rita Shea-Van Fossen

135 Embracing the hybrid: Reimagining management assessment
Heather Stewart, Harsha Sarvaiya

97 Engage on the Stage: Using Poster and ePoster Presentations to Motivate Students and Assess Learning
Jennifer L. Schultz, Debra R. Comer, Abisola Femi-Jegede, Nathaniel Siats, Hui Wang

76 Enhancing Student Outcomes Using Web-Based Simulations
Mariya Gavrilova Aguilar, Julie Hancock

140 Expanding the Pie: Negotiating in Academia
Barbara Ritter, Peter Mc Namara, Gary Coombs, Patricia Hedberg, Erika Small, Micheal Stratton

73 Face-to-Face Innovations: Post Pandemic
Sue McNamara

Olugbenga Adeyinka, Alison Carson

118 Faculty Mentoring in an Updside-Down World
Sarah Woodside, Jim Flynn, Charles Fornaciari, Jennifer Eury, Brittany Buis, Phylica Taylor, Kathy Lund Dean, Thomas Hawk

123 Filmed Entertainment, Reality & TV in the Classroom
Ronda Smith, Tim Peterson, Ben Blackford, Carla Flores, Krystal Geyer, Fred Kitchens, Doug Read

63 Finding Relevance: Using Student-Constructed Essential Questions in the Classroom
Christine Blais, Beth Sheehan

42 Flipped over Flipgrid
Tim Peterson, Claudette Peterson

88 Flossing your teeth and adopting a puppy: In-class exercises for developing critical thinking in a digital age
Christa Kiersch, Kelly Nowicki, Maggie McDermott, Nicole Gullekson

99 Forming Student Groups and Teams: What is New and What Works in the Remote Environment
Meg Joseph

59 Freedom and Flexibility in a Final Project: The Unessay
Kate Rowbotham

47 From Multiple Interpretations to Shared Meaning: Diversity, Inclusion, and Semiotics
Catherine Barber, Janet McCollum

62 Game of Thrones in the Management Classroom: Teaching Opportunities and Challenges
Kelly McCauley, Rahul Chauhan

39 Gather around the “Video-Clip Campfire” and share your best teaching video clips
Maria Alejandra Quijada, Timothy Baldwin, Robert Marx

115 Getting Published in MTR: Editor and Reviewer Perspectives
Jane Schmidt-WIlk, William Carter, Paul Donovan, Melissa Fender, Joe Seltzer, Tracey Sigler, Lisa Stickney, Atul Teckchandani

87 GPV Inc.: A Research Methods Case Study
Alankrita Pandey, Megan Endres, Crissie Frye

12 Harnessing Curriculum Mapping to Inspire Learning: A Step-by-Step Guide
Yang Xu

105 Help Me Help You! Using Asynchronous Discussions to Improve Online Student Success
Velvet Weems-Landingham, Judy Paternite

75 High Impact Practices (HIPs) – What, Why, How and When?
Dianne Murphy, Heather Kaminski, Kathryn Marten

107 How Do You Know Your Classroom Exercise Worked? The Case of the Loki Equipment Exercise
Alex Romney, Chris Hartwell

68 How Should a Leadership Practicum Course Be Designed?
Scott Springer, Ann Springer

58 How The Good Place can make your classroom a better place
Chantal van Esch, Jason Myrowitz, Emily Tarr

70 How to select examples when discussing management theories and concepts?
Jiani Zhu

100 Inclusive Classrooms and the Long-Term Value of Diversifying the Academy: An Interactive Roundtable of Faculty and Students
Rebecca Evan, Lucia Rivas, Sanghamitra Chaudhuri, Denise E Williams, Lamya Ait Sadiq

113 Infographic Syllabus Introduction Activity
Carla Flores, Hector Flores

129 Inquiry-Based Education: Bringing Students into the Scholarly Conversation
Amy Burger, Ray Smith

45 Integrating Mindfulness Meditation into the Organizational Behavior Curriculum
Neil Rothenberg

117 Intensifying Engagement and Connectedness in Response Student Pandemic Stress: Three Cases
Joseph Gerard, Natalie Cotton-Nessler, Jack Greeley

91 Intro to Human Resource Management – Reimagined: A Round Table Discussion
Yifeng Fan, Bahareh Javadizadeh

19 Is Passion Necessary for Great Careers?
Mark Julien, Micheal Stratton, Russell Clayton

16 JME Transition Ceremony
Kathy Lund Dean

77 Keep, Change, Add: A (P)reflection of the COVID-19 Pandemic School Year
Jennifer Leigh, Chantal van Esch

44 Leadership in the Eye of the Beholder
Maria Alejandra Quijada, Claudette Peterson, Tim O Peterson

30 Learning with Real Leaders: Lessons from Real-time Leadership Case Studies
Jack McCarthy, Sujeev Shakya, Mina Girgis, Eliza Ryan, Shubha Shubhalaxmi Vaylure

96 Learning-centered Teaching: A Candid Discussion with Senior Faculty
Jennifer L. Schultz, Debra R. Comer, Matthew J. Nowakowski, Tim O. Peterson, Jane Schmidt-Wilk, Akin Falade, Belinda Gardner

57 Let Them Eat Cake: An Innovative Project to Teach the Valuable Skill of Self-Performance Appraisal
Kim Gower

38 Let’s Go on An Adventure! How to Gamify Your Class and Engage Your Online Students
Mai Trinh, Rachel Reed

17 Let’s go to the movies!: Teaching management through film
Alexandra Dunn

35 Love (and Teaching) in the Time of Coronavirus: Magical Realism in the Classroom
Jane Parent, Kathi Lovelace

109 Making the Intangible Tangible: Imagination Workshop
Clive Holtham, Monica Biagioli

138 Meet the Journal Editors - Journal of Management Education
Jennifer Leigh, Marissa Edwards

13 Meme Monday: Meeting Students Where They Are to Take Them Where You Are Going
Jason Marshall, Etka Topaloglu, Shalini Kurumathur, Shelley Dionne

86 Metaphors: Creativity to Engage Students & Illustrate Course Concepts
Rebecca Evan, Crystal S Fashant, Carol Bormann Young

84 Metropolitan Mining Company: A Situation Analysis Case Study
Jennifer L. Schultz

14 New opportunities in challenging times: The story of a virtual cross-cultural service-learning project
Robert Steinbauer, Leo Guzman-Anaya

124 Notes & Lessons from a Faculty Learning Community on Diversity & Inclusion
Gary Stark, Anna Zimmer

119 Online Collaboration Boards: Results of an Experiential Exercise
Rachel Dolechek, Gregory Weisenborn, Ron Rohlf

83 Online garbage fires: How going virtual hasn’t stopped our (trial and) errors.
Scott Allen, Steven Edelson, Jason Fertig, Terry Nelson, Micheal Stratton, Chantal van Esch

26 Opportunity Mapping: Locating the Upside of Risk Through Visual Mapping
Tyler Case

28 Podcasts that Last: A Step-by-Step Guide to Enhancing Virtual Teaching
John Ross, Jaclyn Perrmann-Graham

139 Pracademia: Increasing impact in and out of the classroom
Suzanne De Janasz, Maury Peiperl

98 Preparing Student Teams for Competition in a Virtual Environment
Leonie Stone, Mary Ellen Zuckerman

34 Professors as the Architect of the Social Fabric in the Virtual Classroom
Michael London London, Emily Sinensky

61 Rethinking the Use of Case Studies to Prepare Effective Managers
James McHann, Laura Frost

25 Send Me on My Way: Global Engagements in a Virtual World
Christine Mooney, Bethany Cockburn

126 Sharing Our Lived Experiences in the OB Classroom: Opportunities and Challenges
Marissa Edwards, Adam Pervez, Kevin Lo, Erin Gallagher

48 Show Them the Money! A Compensation & Benefits Exercise
Claudia Ferrante, Beverly DeMarr

95 Small Seed, Big Impact: Garrett Popcorn Shops Case Study
Hui Wang, Jennifer Schultz

1 Solving for M-Theory: Playing with time and space during the pandemic
Kathy Lund Dean, Charles Fornaciari

18 Strategic Soundbytes: Creating & Using Interview-based Podcasts to Bring the Real World into the Classroom
Stormy Sweitzer

103 Taking Anti-Racism Curriculum Online: Breaking Down Barriers, Building Trust, and Encouraging Engagement
Christina Stello, Denise Williams

89 Talking Capitalism in the Classroom: Obstacles and Possibilities
Sarah Stookey

131 Teaching Creativity, Innovation, and Teamwork in a Virtual Environment Using Design Thinking
Susan Dustin, Katie Weber

92 Teaching Human Resource Management With Ethical Lenses
Bahareh Javadizadeh, Yifeng Fan

112 Teaching interdisciplinary negotiation simulations: The 325 Superior Street role-play
Amanda Weirup, Erin Escobedo

54 Teaching International Negotiations
Michelle Montague-Mfuni, Frances Preston, Catrina Palmer Johnson, Pooja Khatija

40 Teaching Managers about the Dark Side of Organizational Life: A case of too much Yang and not enough Yin.
Paul McGrath

27 Teaching Simulations Best Practices
Joshua Ray, Adam Smith, Eva Cowell

46 Team teaching an interdisciplinary study abroad class: Innovations in course design and collaboration
Carolyn Stumph, Kimberly O'Connor, Jon Coffman

93 Technology Stress in Higher Education: Theoretical Studies and Pedagogic Practices to Minimize Symptoms Before, During, and After the COVID-19 Pandemic
Stacy Boyer-Davis

116 The Build and Bond Experiential Exercise: Utilizing Teams and Team Concepts to Create and Execute a Virtual Team Building Activity
Rebecca Wyland, Nancy Hanson-Rasmussen, Daniel Gullifor

133 The Fellows Session: Have a Reviving Conversation with an MOBTS Fellow
Dave Fearon, Joe Seltzer

9 The Influence of Instructor Propinquity
Laurie Levesque, Elyssebeth Leigh

32 The Online Psychological Safety Model: Principles for Building Authentic Students Relationships in a Virtual Environment
Vincent Bruni-Bossio, Brooke Klassen , Jay Wilson

102 The Paradoxical Tensions of Young Teachers; Teaching in the Time of Covid
Chantal van Esch, Robert Bonner, Brittany Buis, Yifeng Fan

49 The Three-Sentence Summary: A Quick and Easy Assignment to Encourage Students to Do the Reading
Emily Tarr, Kenneth Mullane

7 The University Challenge: Technology to Tradition: Teaching with Artefacts
Jan Green

56 Theoretical Meets Practical – How to Use Student-authored Role Plays to Teach Managerial Skills and Critical Thinking
Ken Mullane, Kevin Lo, Terry Nelson

69 Traditional communication activity adapted for a virtual classroom
Diana Smrt

36 Use of Concept Mapping in the Management Curriculum to Foster Critical Thinking
Matthew Eriksen, Arati Srinivasan, Thomas King, Sagree Sharma

10 Using Cynefin Domains to Prepare Graduates for Complex, Chaotic, or Confusing Situations
Elyssebeth Leigh, Laurie Levesque

130 Using High-level Embedded Librarianship to Enhance Student Learning and Reduce Academic Anxiety in an Online Leadership Course
Kim Trahan, Victoria Raish, Carmen Jones, Brett Spencer

82 Using technology to increase engagement in large synchronous learning environments
Lynn Gribble, Janis Wardrop

104 Using The Boys of 36 to Integrate Motivation, Leadership, and Teamwork
Douglas Lyon, Mika Kusar

4 Virtualness in Classroom-as-Organizations: problems and solutions when using technology
Ovidiu C. Cocieru, Mark A. McDonald, Matthew C.B. Lyle

65 We Didn’t Start the Fire: What Can Billy Joel Teach Us About the External Environment?
Nicholas Rhew

132 What worked and what will remain after COVID-19
Michelle Montague-Mfuni, Darline Augustine, Suzanne Dove

50 When I See My Reflection: Building Self-Assessment Skills in the Classroom
Stacy Astrove, Bethany Cockburn



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