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Virtual MOBTS 2021

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Learning with Real Leaders: Lessons from Real-time Leadership Case Studies

Keywords: Leadership, Real-time, case studies

Abstract: How can we as management educators be productive and valued during these turbulent and disrupted times of pandemic, chaos and loss? We bring real live leaders directly into the learning conversation in a real-time mode to not only illuminate critical lessons for our students, but also to crystallize effective leadership practices and behaviors for the leaders themselves. The rapid development of creative case studies generates reflective two-way learning that is a powerful energizer for our students – and for the leader-protagonists we are studying. This will be a compelling and provocative interactive session with world-class leaders who are world-class learners. Four CEO-protagonists will be attending this MOBTC session to discuss their experience and share their lessons!

Jack McCarthy, Babson College (United States)

Sujeev Shakya, Beed Consulting (Nepal)

Mina Girgis, The Nile Project (Egypt)

Eliza Ryan, Supermindful LLC (United States)

Shubha Shubhalaxmi Vaylure, LadyBird Environmental Consulting (India)


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