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Virtual MOBTS 2021

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Faculty Mentoring In An Updside-Down World

Covid-19 turned college teaching upside down. Subsequent pedagogical and technological changes moved from a 3D world to an almost exclusively a 2D world, dealing with students on a screen only. Newer faculty, having grown up in the digital and internet world, generally are more comfortable than many experienced faculty in this upside-down world, and often more comfortable address emerging student needs than more experienced faculty may be. As a result, newer faculty members mentor experienced faculty navigating, a reversal of the traditional faculty mentoring roles. We explore taking advantage of this new mentoring dynamic from both newer and experienced perspectives.

Sarah Woodside
Canisuis College
United States

Jim Flynn
Indiana University
United States

Charles Fornaciari
LaSalle College
United States

Jennifer Eury
Penn Sate
United States

Brittany Buis
University of Illinois--Chicago
United States

Phylica Taylor
Florida A & M University
United States

Kathy Lund Dean
Gustavus Adolphus College
United States

Thomas Hawk
Forstburg State University
United States


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