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Virtual MOBTS 2021

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New Opportunities In Challenging Times: The Story of A Virtual Cross-Cultural Service-Learning Project

The pandemic has changed the way students experience higher education in many ways. What was supposed to be a time to mingle and make lifelong friends is for some students a dreadful experience that left them abandoned and lonely. To enrich students’ experience during these difficult times, the two presenters teamed up and incorporated a virtual cross-cultural service-learning project into their Business Ethics Syllabus. Even though this project was sparked by the void of the Pandemic, we believe it has potential to supplement management education for year to come. This session will discuss the planning, implementation, and lessons learned from our virtual cross-cultural service-learning project and provide interested educators with a plan to start their journey.

Robert Steinbauer
Brock University

Leo Guzman-Anaya
Universidad de Guadalajara


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