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Virtual MOBTS 2021

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Digital Technologies In Hr Alignment Practice: Identifying Five Key Issues and Their Relationship To Ethical Use

The age of digital transformation, as characterized by the rise of platform technologies, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence, has created a newer set of challenges and opportunities for organizations to compete differently and specifically in a broader ecosystem change. At the same time, this digital ecosystem has presented criticisms and specific to the effects of whether digital technologies will accelerate greater or less ethical use to different areas of HR practice – ranging from talent acquisition to performance management. In this roundtable session, we select examples of digital technologies currently utilized in HR practice and through which to examine five key issues and opportunities specifically that of over and underestimation of talent, data privacy, diversity and inclusion, social isolation, and displacement and customization of work; in this roundtable session, we interrelate these issues to three ethical frameworks, ending with broader implications for HR management educators.

Nicole Jackson
University of San Francisco

Shalini Gopalkrishnan
Menlo College


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