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Virtual MOBTS 2021

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Case Study - Nac Enterprises

Businesses are under increased scrutiny from internal and external stakeholders. A recent study by the Reputation Institute, a well-respected consulting firm, determined that 42% of a company’s public reputation is based on their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan. For successful CSR adoption, a thorough planning phase and integration of CSR in core business processes is needed for achieving effective long-term CSR practices. An organization’s CSR planning should spawn from already generated ideas from the organization’s corporate identity (CI).

A small private supply company is under pressure to share their environmental data (carbon footprint, GHG, etc.). Currently, the company has some resistance amongst senior leaders with respect to implementing a CSR plan. The need to report on environmental data has been growing for some time and has now become business critical. The president of the organization is supportive in moving forward with this initiative and asking for a ‘how-to’ recommendation.

Anne Swearingen
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
United States

Nathaniel Siats
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
United States


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