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Virtual MOBTS 2021

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Don’T Be Blind Sided By The Dark Side: Going In With Your Eyes Wide Open When Thinking About Taking On Administrative Role In Today’s Dynamic Higher Education Arena

Many faculty members contemplate moving from their teaching-scholar role to assuming an administrative role, be it voluntarily or by suggestion from their institution, sometime known as going to the dark side of higher education. In this session, several facilitators who have moved to the dark side will lead round tables to discuss considerations in deciding to take an administrative role, key skills needed to be successful, challenges within administrative jobs and within higher education, and returning to a faculty role after an administrative assignment. Come see how to go in with your eyes wide open to see if the dark side is for you.

Kathleen Barnes
Salem State University
United States

George Smith
U of South Carolina - Beaufort
United States

John Stark
California State University - Bakersfield
United States

Rita Shea-Van Fossen
Nova Southeastern University
United States


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