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Virtual MOBTS 2021

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Technology Stress In Higher Education: Theoretical Studies and Pedagogic Practices To Minimize Symptoms Before, During, and After The Covid-19 Pandemic

Technostress, not unlike COVID-19, is a worldwide pandemic. The aftermath is widespread, echoing throughout institutions of higher education, destructively effecting the mental and physical health of faculty and students, alike. Described as the harmful effects on the thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors rising from technology use, those who are techno-stressed exhibit a variety of physical and emotional symptoms. The purpose of this session is to present research results, published in late 2020, to advance the understanding and impacts of technostress in higher education before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants will examine what techno-stresses them now as opposed to before the pandemic to identify what has changed and why. Attendees will learn strategies to manage techno-pressures, anxieties, and tensions for themselves and their students. This session, while front loaded in research is grounded to justify the means by which we should actively focus on and study this highly important topic.

Stacy Boyer-Davis
Northern Michigan University
United States


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