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MOBTS 2022

MOBTS 2022 Proceedings - ISBN: 978-1-7346398-2-7

103 A Conversation About Learning Using Student-Written Cases
Ken Weidner, Elena Lvina

116 A Diverse Workforce Demands I-deals!
Smriti Anand

70 A Roundtable Discussion of How to Deal with Student Excuses as Business Faculty
Emily Tarr, Serhan Kotiloglu

12 Bartering for Community Benefit Project
Loren Dyck

53 Becoming an inclusive leader: DEI activities for the traditional and virtual classroom
Tracey Sigler, Sandra Spataro

125 Black Women Matter- Discussing strategic impacts for organizations
Darline Augustine, Michelle Montague-Mfuni

131 Bradford Award Winner Session - (Let’s Hope) Once-in-a-Lifetime Reflexivity: Examining Work After COVID
Kathy Lund Dean

30 Bystander Support
Beth Haley

102 Case Learning Instead of Case Teaching: A Process for Using Student-Written Cases
Ken Weidner, Elena Lvina

10 Case Study: A Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Exercise Conducted in the U.S. South
Susan Clark Muntean

21 Classroom role assignment: A pathway to sharing leadership with students
Priyanka Joshi, Chenwei Li, Dayna Herbert Walker

45 Collaboration and accountability: How creating a SoTL Scholars community has made me productive!
Alexandra M. Dunn

117 Course Embedded Workforce Preparation through an Intra-organizational Job Shadow Program
Krystal Rawls, Thomas Norman, Craig Seal, Joan Torne, Megan Lewis

69 Creating An Inclusive Business School; From Strategic Plan to Student Engagement
Chantal van Esch, Carlos Gonzalez, Eddy Ng, Cheryl Wyrick

118 Critical Thinking Exercise: Learning How to Think, Not What to Think
Pamela Wells, Christopher Bradshaw, Linda Dunn-Jensen, Jason Fertig

62 Decolonize Your Management Syllabus: A Roundtable Discussion About First Steps
Quinn Cunningham, Kweli Snowden

78 Designing Service as Leadership Development: Preparing for Leadership as a Woman in Academia
Kristi Tyran, Tracey Sigler

94 Designing, Building, Influencing, and Supporting: The Artistry of Reframing Teaching
Susan Case, H. Michael Schwartz, Sharon Ehasz, Veronica Madell

90 Developing Generous Listening Skills: Authentic Relating Practice in the Classroom
Ray Luechtefeld

46 Differences Matter! A Diversity & Inclusion Exercise
Daphne DePorres, Claudia Ferrante, Thomas Bellairs

72 Difficult Discussions: Improving Psychological Safety in the Online Classroom
Marcia Hagen, Rebecca Evan, Erica Berte, Sanghamitra Chaudhuri

93 Digital Information Literacy Expectations: Re-Examination Toward a More Inclusive and Equitable Online Classroom
Mai Trinh, Christine Williams, Patience Akpan-Obong

73 Discussing How We Use Popular Culture to Engage Students and Help Learning of Theories
Gordon Schmidt, Michael Urick, Aditya Simha, Sy Islam

42 Discussion of a Hybrid-Flexible Course for Student Self Determination
Craig Seal, Di Fan, Selina Sanchez, Maria Garcia Guzman, Krystal Miguel Rawls, AJ Beechko, Patrick Flaherty

91 Dismantling Systemic Racism in Real Estate Classes
Anthony Orlando, Gerd Welke

44 Diversifying our Inclusive DEI Vocabulary
Terry Nelson, Kevin Lo, Ken Mullane

126 Drop the Mask! Defacing What We Know about Classroom Diversity and Inclusion as We Face New Challenges in the Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter Movement Era
David Auberry, Tammi Redd, Monica Valentine

88 Education as Dialogic Relational Processes of Collaborative Sensemaking: Techniques to inspire dialogic conversations
Teri Tompkins, Gary Mangiofico

113 Engage the Guest Editors: JME Special Issue on Technology in Management Education
Micheal Stratton, Scott Allen, Steven Edelson

75 Equity and Inclusion with Simulations
Toschia M Hogan

50 Experiential Fire: Passing the Torch!
JP JULIE PALMER, Tim Peterson, Amy Kyhos, Kelly Weeks, Yun Chung, Smriti Anand

1 Experiential Learning: The Power of Case Research in the Teaching of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Issam Ghazzawi

3 Faculty Recruitment and DEI Initiatives: Case Exercises on What Can Be Learned in Business Programs and Higher Education for Management Practice
Nicole Jackson, Mark Congdon, Julie Lawrence

23 Finding answers in the Human Resource’s office: An Escape room activity
Diana Smrt

17 Fostering Autonomy and Creativity in the Classroom: A Group Exercise
Gabriella Lewis

11 Gather around the “Video-Clip Campfire” and share your best teaching video clips
Maria Alejandra Quijada, Timothy Baldwin, Robert Marx

79 Gender Bias in Peer-to-Peer Feedback: Awareness and Intervention Strategies for Management Educators
Jaclyn Brandhorst, Keira Solon

54 Getting Students Excited About Strategic Management
Shripad Pendse

92 Go Deeper and Broader: Reflective Process of Résumé Generating
Klavdia Evans

107 Historically Speaking: Teaching Organizational Culture Using Students’ Lived Experiences
David Brown

29 Holding Students Accountable for an Anti-Racist Learning Environment via Classroom as Organization (CAO) Design
Sabrina Speights

96 How to Give Effective Feedback in the LMS: A Typology And Suggestions
Mai Trinh, Patience Akpan-Obong, Tejal Wagadia

85 I Do Have Something to Say: Using Blogging for Student Engagement
Pamela Wells, Linda Dunn-Jensen, Jason Fertig, Christopher Bradshaw

35 Improving interrater reliability in the candidate selection process
Rebecca Bull Schaefer, O.Ray Angle

28 Improving Teacher Evaluation Ratings: Some Wisdom from the Ancients
Dale Rude, James Flynn

34 Inclusion and Control: A Discussion on Developing a Collective Set of Values in Your Classroom
Brooke Klassen, Vince Bruni-Bossio

19 Incorporating DEI Issues into the Business School Curriculum: Possibilities, Issues and Lessons Learned from One Initiative
Mary Ellen Zuckerman, James Quinn

22 Increasing the Capacity of Leadership Educators to Teach Followership
Daniel Jenkins, Dami Alegbeleye

65 Innovating in Pedagogical Processes
Tom Hawk, James Spee

52 Innovation in Classroom as Organization
Melissa Knott

123 Insights into Multidimensional-Fit (MDF): Student Reflection and Empathy-Building through the Lens of the Refugee Employment Journey
Vickie Gallagher, Pakanat Kiratikosolrak, Anthony Wheeler

127 Integrating Analytics into Management Courses: A Hands-on Introduction to Tableau
Ana Elisa Iglesias, Jose Luis Iglesias

56 Integrating Mini-Debates in Business & Society/Business Ethics Classes
John Keiser

95 Interactive Options for Hybrid, HyFlex, Online, or In-Person Classes
Caitlin Sockbeson

40 Just the Facts Please: Using empirical-based discussions to drive conflict-laden classroom conversations.
Shane Fudge

26 Leading with Impact: How Women can Succeed, Inspire and Motivate in Leadership
Dr. Deanna R. Davis

55 Learning from Diverse Leaders
Tracey Sigler, Kristi Tyran

25 Learning Through Mini Cases; An Effective and More Affordable Option to HBP Cases
Alex Tawse

36 Learning to Love Your Inner Bad Guy- How to Use Dark Personality Traits in Early Leadership Education
Sean Leahy, Matthew Aplin-Houtz

5 Let’s All Go to the Movies, Together: A Resource Exchange and Roundtable Discussion on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Management Education Video Clips
Joseph Liu, Amy Breidenthal, Bryan Schaffer

80 Making Students Feel Safe: The Student Interest Survey
Stephanie Van Dellen

38 Meet the New Editorial Team of Management Teaching Review
Jane Schmidt-Wilk, Kerri Corwne, Gordon Schmidt, Paul Donovan, Melissa Fender, Joseph Seltzer, Lisa T. Stickney

63 MOBcasting: Utilizing Podcasts to Teach Management & Organizational Behavior
Daniel Jenkins, Scott Allen

106 Moving Towards a more inclusive learning environment for students: Our experiences with neurodiversity
John Sherlock

67 No Textbook Can Keep Up With Me
Jason Myrowitz, Felix Fan, Kelly Weeks, Gary Stark, Tammi Redd, Mariya Gavrilova Aguilar, Carlos Baldo, Alexandra Dunn

33 OMG: What should I Do With my Life?

27 On Hidden Identities and Better Serving Our Students and Colleagues
Maria Alejandra Quijada

4 Perception Checking (in) Action: Performing and Reflecting on Gendered Communication with Stories in Business & Professional Communication
Mark Congdon, Nicole Jackson

110 Playing with Privilege: An Experiential Exercise
Karen MacMillan

76 Post-Pandemic Resiliency: We Get Knocked Down, but We Get Up Again!
Beverly J DeMarr, Claudia Ferrante

105 Prioritizing Transferable Skills in the Undergraduate Negotiation Course
Sarah Woodside, Leonard Glick

47 Problem-Based Learning to Promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Classroom and Workplace
Franziska M. Renz, Julian U. N. Vogel

83 Professional Development Workshop: Preparing Management Students to Address Wicked Problems
Bruce Paton

Olugbenga Adeyinka, SUSAN BAKER

58 Reflecting on Guest Speaker Experiences to Inform Future Practice
Michael Kirchner, Kimberly O'Connor, Kevin Rose

74 Relationships and Reconciliation: Indigenous Ways of Knowing in Management Education
Lindsay Brant, Kate Rowbotham

122 Restarting your (really) old hard-copy research with new technology
Gregory Weisenborn, Rachel Dolechek, Mary Elizabeth Turner

112 Returning to face the garbage fire in person! Reflections on experiential learning gone wrong
Chantal van Esch, Micheal Stratton, Gary Stark, Scott Allen, Steven Edelson, Jason Fertig

66 Roll the "tape": A Roundtable Discussion About Best Practices Using Videos
Robert Bonner, Eric Lamm

101 Sharing diverse values, beliefs, and practices: Fostering social and academic integration of international students with domestic students and culture
Jun Li, Carol Bormann Young, Mehmet Koseoglu, Sanghamitra Chaudhuri

37 SUPERMOM: Teaching Family-Work Conflict in the Classroom with Discussion Based Learning
Matthew Aplin-Houtz, Mark Sanders, Sarah Willey

64 Supporting Marginalized Students in Team-Based Learning: What Can We Learn from Organizational Practice?
Kevin Rose, Michael Kirchner, Kimberly O'Connor

39 T.E.A.M.S.: Team Effectiveness and Assessment to Manage Students
David Kaplan, Gloria Sweida, Mary Sue Love, Robyn Berkley

86 Take a Chance at this Game of Chance: Goal Setting and Strategy with a Six-sided Die
John Ross, Jennifer Miles

108 Teachable diversity moments in management: Leveraging case studies for teaching diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)
Carlos Baldo, Justin Wareham

104 That Time I Sent my Students to Prison: A Roundtable Discussion of Service-Learning Experience
Bahareh Javadizadeh, Matthew Aplin-Houtz, Lisa Brady

77 The Case for Assessment: Developing a Case to use for Assessment Purposes
Marcia Hagen, Mehmet Koseoglu, Jun Li, Carol Bormann Young

111 The Challenges of Teaching Critical Thinking Skills to Students When Practitioners Want Problem Solving Skills Instead: The Resuscitation of the Dewey Approach
Hank Strevel

48 The future is scary!: Using scenario planning for student job searches and career development
Alexandra M. Dunn, Samira Fallah

31 The Often-Forgotten Diversity: How Faculty can help Limited Income-First Generation Students Succeed
Rita Shea-Van Fossen, John Stark

41 The Pay Mix Exercise
Vicki Taylor

20 The Personal Strategic Plan Paper
Scott Heyler, Claudia Ferrante

81 The world at your fingertips: Experiencing of global virtual teams by running X-Culture in a management classroom
Karen Stock, Steven Edelson

16 There goes my hero! A roundtable on the advantages and disadvantages of using superheroes in the classroom.
Mark Julien, Gordon Schmidt, Russell Clayton


57 Using data for equity-minded teaching of management courses
Victoria Bhavsar, Carlos Gonzales, Rita Kumar, Nickolas Hardy, Larisa Preiser-Houy

24 Using Observational Research in Applied Organizational Behavior Classes
Gretchen Vogelgesang Lester

71 Virtual Mentorship; A Roundtable on Undergraduate Management Research
Chantal van Esch, Alyssa Cosby, Denise Zavala, Marlene Colin

59 Virtual Student Consulting Projects with Industry Partners: Ensuring Readiness
Kimberly O'Connor, Michael Kirchner, Kevin Rose

15 What does Tom Brady have to do with teaching compensation?
Mark Julien, Russell Clayton, Gordon Schmidt

124 What's Your Data Story? Using Tableau Software in the Classroom
Scott Jensen, Linda Dunn-Jensen

68 Winning the struggle for the soul of business education
Morgane Fritz, Julita Haber, Linda Irwin , Kenneth Sagendorf, James Stoner, James Weichert

98 WOB Live: A Roundtable for Women in Organizational Behavior
Robyn Berkley, Kelly Davis McCauley, Chantal van Esch, Suzanne de Janasz, Priyanka Joshi, Elizabeth Karam, Gretchen Vogelgesang Lester, Brittany Mercado, Seemantini Pathak, Jo-Ellen Pozner, Phanikiran Radhakrishnan, Rita Shea-Van Fossen, Caitlin Sockbeson, Mai Trinh, Sarah Woodside, Sarah Wright

128 Women in Leadership post COVID Opportunity
Randall Waynick, Kim Hogelucht

32 Work Arrangements: A Roundtable Discussion about how to Incorporate this Evolving Topic into the Management Classroom
Emily Tarr, Andrew Bennett, Adam Pervez, Ken Mullane

84 Writing justly: Crafting intentional emails to enhance perceptions of justice
Brittany Mercado


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