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MOBTS 2022

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Using Crossword Puzzles As An Active Learning Tool For Enhancing Student Reflective Learning In Management Classes.

Abstract: This activity seeks to guide MOBTS participants to recognize the usefulness of using crossword puzzles as an active learning tool with a promise to enhance student reflective learning in Management classes. I hope to share the experience of using crossword puzzles in teaching and to guide MOBTS conference participants on how to use crossword puzzles for better teaching and student learning. Management courses present the organization as a deliberate arrangement of people seeking to fulfil specific goals, and as a system interacting with the external environment and myriad stakeholders. As a result, several concepts, theories, and topics are presented with the goal of teaching students how efficiency and effectiveness are realized in Organizations. In my experience, the crossword puzzle is useful in teaching a management concept or several related management concepts. It is also useful in testing student knowledge of several chapters or for debriefing an entire semester. Students can complete crossword puzzles individually and in groups. When used in groups, it enhances interactive and collaborative learning. Thus, the crossword puzzle can be used effectively in Fundamentals of Management classes, Business Ethics classes, Strategy Capstone classes, and Organizational Behavior classes.

Keywords: Keywords: Active Learning, Reflective Learning, Collaborative Learning, Creativity.

Topic: General   |   Format: Activity or Exercise

Olugbenga Adeyinka, Manhattanville College (
United States

United States


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