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MOBTS 2022

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Gather Around The “Video-Clip Campfire” and Share Your Best Teaching Video Clips

Abstract: We will continue our tradition of a “video campfire.” MOBTC has provided us with some of the best videos for our classes and we want to continue expanding our library. We will showcase a new set of our favorite video clips and invite participants to do the same. We will compile all the submissions and provide access to our database. Bring your best “go-to” clips and we will orchestrate a spirited session that will be fun and ideally leave you with some new ideas for your classes. Videos lend themselves easily for use in an on-ground or on-line environment and for undergraduate, graduate and executive levels.

Keywords: Video clips, Student engagement, Contemporary pedagogy

Topic: General   |   Format: Activity or Exercise

Maria Alejandra Quijada, Metropolitan State University Denver (
United States

Timothy Baldwin, Indiana University (
United States

Robert Marx, UMass Amherst (
United States


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