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MOBTS 2022

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Returning To Face The Garbage Fire In Person! Reflections On Experiential Learning Gone Wrong

Abstract: MOBTS has a rich history of sharing experiential learning exercises. As we approach MOBTS 2022, we strive to both pay homage to a classic perennial MOBTS session Gather ‘round the experiential fire (Andre, et al., 2010), and also look to welcome attendees back from pandemic-induced Zoom exile to the classroom to continue learning through failure in a supportive, collaborative environment.

Keywords: Failure, Learning, Garbage

Topic: General   |   Format: Roundtable Discussion

Chantal Van Esch, California State Polytechnic University, Ponoma (
United States

Micheal Stratton, Georgia College (
United States

Gary Stark, University of Northern Michigan (
United States

Scott Allen, John Carroll University (
United States

Steven Edelson, Walsh University (
United States

Jason Fertig, University of Southern Indiana (
United States


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