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MOBTS 2022

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Bartering For Community Benefit Project

Abstract: In this session, I will share with participants the Bartering for Community Benefit Project, a student-driven assignment aimed at creating a shared experience for students to become more aware of the role that emotions, learning styles, and other OB/OT course topics play in diverse decision-making environments. The Project begins with each student team acquiring a $1.00 item of their choosing to be used for bartering. Subsequently, the item must be bartered at least five (5) times during the course. The goal in each barter or exchange transaction is to receive an item of greater value than the one the team currently owns with the final item benefiting a charitable organization of the team’s choosing. Session participants will have the opportunity to experiment with the Project by beginning their bartering strategy for an item that I will provide to each participant team. Participants will receive copies of all related course documents.

Keywords: Bartering, Community Service, Experiential Exercise

Topic: General   |   Format: Activity or Exercise

Loren Dyck, University of La Verne (
United States


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