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MOBTS 2022

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What's Your Data Story? Using Tableau Software In The Classroom

Abstract: Analytical skills have increasingly become a crucial skill for Human Resources professionals as organizations strive to become more data-driven in decision making. However, students often have little to no experience working with data analytics software. In this session, we introduce Tableau software, a data visualization software tool commonly used by data analysts. This “hands-on” session we review the data visualization capabilities of Tableau and then present a class exercise that can be used to introduce undergraduate and graduate students to data analytics in a human resource management or organizational behavior course. The emphasis of the session will not only be on how students use the software, but also on how students decide what visualizations to use to communicate their insights.

Keywords: Data analytics, data visualization, Tableau, experiential exercise

Topic: General   |   Format: Activity or Exercise

Scott Jensen, San Jose State University (
United States

Linda Dunn-Jensen, CSU, Stanislaus (
United States


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