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MOBTS 2022

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Bradford Award Winner Session - (let’s Hope) Once-In-A-Lifetime Reflexivity: Examining Work After Covid

Abstract: The pandemic laid bare dramatic vulnerabilities and unhealthy work routines in academic life. Brooks (2021) noted that we have a liminal moment right now to interrogate our work and our lives, building in healthier choices for thriving as learn to live with COVID. In this interactive session, Kathy will lead participants through a series of reflective questions, asking them to consider unexamined and implicit routines and what choices they will make toward mindfulness and agency in their work going forward.

Brooks, A. (2021). A Once-in-a-Lifetime Chance to Start Over. The Atlantic. Retrieved from

Keywords: reflexivity, COVID, mindfulness, agency

Topic: General   |   Format: Roundtable Discussion

Kathy Lund Dean, Gustavus Adolphus University (
United States


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