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MOBTS 2022

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Leading With Impact: How Women Can Succeed, Inspire and Motivate In Leadership

Abstract: This research study was designed to determine how women developed as leaders when faced with barriers and obstacles. Leadership development was examined through the experiences of women in higher education and corporate America who successfully obtained executive positions in their respective fields. The research sought to explore strategies future leaders might utilize to address leadership development and career ascendency for female leaders. A phenomenological research design captured the lived experiences of individuals from their perspectives. The analysis uncovered themes that challenged structural and normative assumptions. Despite the barriers the participants encountered, these women have learned how to navigate in an environment where inequities, negative assumptions and doubts were prevalent. Even through adversity, these female leaders have persevered and continue to demonstrate their ability to rise above and perform with tenacity.

Keywords: women, leadership development, diversity, female leaders

Topic: DEI   |   Format: Symposium / Panel Discussion

Dr. Deanna R. Davis, School of Business, Northcentral University (
United States


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