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MOBTS 2022

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Holding Students Accountable For An Anti-Racist Learning Environment Via Classroom As Organization (cao) Design

Abstract: The goal of this session is to engage in dialogue around the structure/design of anti-racist teaching and organizations. Much of the discussion of diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism focuses on course content such as the integration of representative readings/materials and current events. In this roundtable, I turn the focus to course design and structure. I use the Classroom as Organization (CAO) design model – used to teach Organizational Behavior – as an example of how I focus on structure, process, and practice that aligns with inclusive and anti-racist teaching as well as holds students accountable to the learning environment we co-create.

Keywords: anti-racist teaching, classroom as organization (CAO), accountability

Topic: DEI   |   Format: Roundtable Discussion

Sabrina Speights, Wheaton College - MA (
United States


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