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MOBTS 2022

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Meet The New Editorial Team of Management Teaching Review

Abstract: The year 2022 marks a transition in the leadership of the Society’s practical teaching journal, Management Teaching Review (MTR). Meet MTR’s incoming editors and associate editor team and learn about the mission of the journal and its sections: Experiential Exercises, Format Translations, Practice-to-Research Insights, Research-to-Practice Connections, and Resource Reviews. Then in an interactive Q&A session, learn how to turn your MOBTS conference contributions into MTR publications: what to submit, how to submit, what editors look for, and how to craft a response letter. Finally, as time allows, consult with individual editors about your ideas for manuscripts.

Keywords: publications, editors, journal

Topic: General   |   Format: Professional Development Workshop (PDW)

Jane Schmidt-Wilk, Maharishi International University (
United States

Kerri Corwne, Widener University (
United States

Gordon Schmidt, Purdue University Fort Wayne (
United States

Paul Donovan, Trinity College Dublin (

Melissa Fender, Rutgers University-Camden (
United States

Joseph Seltzer, LaSalle University, Emeritus (
United States

Lisa T. Stickney, The University of Baltimore (
United States


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