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MOBTS 2022

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Experiential Fire: Passing The Torch!

Abstract: Come join us as we pass the torch to new facilitators and a brand new set of exercises for this year’s experiential fire. This year’s torch bearers are excited to share a wide variety of exercises and approaches and welcome your participation to keep those fires burning. Always a perennial favorite, come experience and learn by doing with this curated collection of engaging experiential exercises. Our presenters will introduce you to their innovative exercises in a “speed networking” format. This year’s session includes ice-breakers, influence tactics, cross-cultural communication, faultlines and subgroup formation, diversity, equity and inclusion, social class origins, and more. Full details of the exercises will be available in the Conference Proceedings.

Keywords: experiential exercises, curated collection, active learning

Topic: General   |   Format: Symposium / Panel Discussion

Jp Julie Palmer, Webster University (
United States

Tim Peterson, North Dakota State University (
United States

Amy Kyhos, Loyola University Chicago (
United States

Kelly Weeks, Rhodes College (
United States

Yun Chung, University of Idaho (
United States

Smriti Anand, Illinois Institute of Technology (
United States


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