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MOBTS 2022

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How To Create A Web-Based Interactive Case Study

Abstract: A good case study elicits student interest and enhances the retention and application of knowledge. Using cases that students find informative, relatable, and intriguing is crucial for management education. Web-based interactive case studies have many advantages over traditional case studies, such as providing an immersive experience and incorporating interactive features (Mesny, 2013). In this PDW, I will share my experience and recommendations on creating a web-based interactive case for undergraduate management classrooms. I will 1) share motivations to create such a case, 2) strategies on assembling a team to create the case, 3) technologies I used in the process, and 4) lessons learned. I will also use the case I created to demonstrate the web-based interactive case study experience live. The purpose of this session is for the audience to learn about web-based case studies and acquire information and tools to create their own.

Keywords: Case development, interactive learning, student engagement

Topic: General   |   Format: Professional Development Workshop (PDW)

Jiani Zhu, Georgia Institute of Technology (
United States


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