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MOBTS 2022

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Is There A Point To Your Points? Best Practices In Grading Structure Design

Abstract: A fundamental aspect of course design is combining individual task assessments into a meaningful composite course grade. Grade structure design can be approached from any of several alternative perspectives each involving numerous issues that should be considered. Many educators, however, make grade structure choices based on tacit assumptions, reflexive paradigms, and old habits. Unfortunately, the literature offers little coverage of or guidance for effective design practices. Therefore, this session - designed to benefit both early-career and seasoned educators - will engage participants in an experiential and reflective activity to highlight and analyze challenges, approaches, philosophies, and best practices in grade structure design.

Keywords: Course Structure, Grading, Assessment

Topic: General   |   Format: Activity or Exercise

William Carter, University of Baltimore (
United States

Kevin Wynne, University of Baltimore (
United States

Lisa Stickney, University of Baltimore (
United States


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