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MOBTS 2022

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Discussing How We Use Popular Culture To Engage Students and Help Learning of Theories

Abstract: Teachers look for engaging examples to help student interest and learning. In this roundtable session we will discuss how popular culture examples can help student engagement and learning. The presenters will share examples of how they have used popular culture to teach management concepts and theories. We will then have attendees break into groups based on major topic areas in the field of management. Each group will then brainstorm to come up with examples from popular culture they are familiar with that could help teach concepts and theories in that area. Each group will then report out the examples they came up with. Post session attendees will be emailed a list of all the examples come up within the session.

Keywords: popular culture; engagement; video clips; film; theory

Topic: General   |   Format: Roundtable Discussion

Gordon Schmidt, Purdue Fort Wayne (
United States

Michael Urick, Saint Vincent College (
United States

Aditya Simha, University of Wisconsin – Whitewater (
United States

Sy Islam, Farmingdale State College (
United States


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