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MOBTS 2022

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Gender Bias In Peer-To-Peer Feedback: Awareness and Intervention Strategies For Management Educators

Abstract: Peer assessment creates valuable opportunities for students to practice giving and receiving feedback, engage in collaborative learning, and increase their self-awareness and critical thinking skills. However, peer-to-peer feedback is not free from gender bias. Some research has demonstrated that differing behavioral expectations for men and women contribute to the type of feedback they receive, where feedback given to women tends to be less actionable and effective than feedback given to men. This roundtable session is designed to discuss how gender stereotypes may emerge during the peer assessment process, how management educators can recognize and bring awareness to gender biases in the classroom, as well as modify feedback practices in ways that help male and female students, and later employees, reach their full potential.

Keywords: peer assessment; gender bias; management education

Topic: DEI   |   Format: Roundtable Discussion

Jaclyn Brandhorst, University of Central Missouri (
United States

Keira Solon, University of Central Missouri (
United States


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