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MOBTS 2022

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Go Deeper and Broader: Reflective Process of Résumé Generating

Abstract: The conversation about creating a résumé rarely extends beyond instrumental "get-the-job" résumé writing. This experiential learning project of generating a résumé takes a different approach by engaging students in a course-long activity based on reflection, research, and abstraction. This project equips students with all résumé 's, job interview's, and personal professional growth plan's essential components: (1) building blocks of résumé, (2) factual examples for answering interview questions via storytelling, (3) questions for the interview, (4) short-term plan for acquisition of necessary skills, knowledge, and capabilities, and (5) long-term plan for acquisition of necessary skills, knowledge, and capabilities. This project introduces students to a process that they can use throughout their academic and professional careers to assess their competitive professional posture and remain marketable.

Keywords: résumé writing, interview, job-ready

Topic: General   |   Format: Activity or Exercise

Klavdia Evans, St. Mary's University (
United States


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