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MOBTS 2022

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Digital Information Literacy Expectations: Re-Examination Toward A More Inclusive and Equitable Online Classroom

Abstract: Computer and digital information literacy skills are essential components of higher education in the 21st century. However, as student populations get increasingly diverse and as the COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated, levels of access and literacy are not equal across the board. In this roundtable discussion, the organizers will provide participants with the opportunity to re-examine components of their classes, such as the syllabus and learning management systems, and identify strengths and weaknesses in their expectations of students’ digital literacy. Organizers will discuss ways to create more inclusive and equitable learning environments for students regardless of their digital literacy levels.

Keywords: Digital literacy, course components, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

Topic: DEI   |   Format: Roundtable Discussion

Mai Trinh, Arizona State University (
United States

Christine Williams, Arizona State University (
United States

Patience Akpan-Obong, Arizona State University (
United States


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