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MOBTS 2022

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Designing, Building, Influencing, and Supporting: The Artistry of Reframing Teaching

Abstract: Diversity of thought holds the power to awaken the learning environment. Drawing on Experiential Learning, Gestalt Psychology, and Self-Determination Theory, the art and practice of teaching and learning are reframed for virtual and in-person delivery. Implicit instructor preferences impacting course design and delivery are explored. By incorporating diverse lenses of teaching and learning, co-created instructor-student reflexivity, and modeling, a psychologically safe student-centered learning environment is enabled, leading to greater self-and social awareness, choice, and development. Through experiential activities, we present key findings from instructor and undergraduate student perspectives. Participants will leave with enhanced self-awareness and strategies for reframing teaching.

Keywords: Reframing Teaching, Self-Awareness Development, Diversity and Inclusion

Topic: DEI   |   Format: Professional Development Workshop (PDW)

Susan Case, Case Western Reserve University (
United States

H. Michael Schwartz, Case Western Reserve University (
United States

Sharon Ehasz, Case Western Reserve University (
United States

Veronica Madell, Case Western Reserve University (
United States


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