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MOBTS 2023: 50th Anniversary Conference

MOBTS 2023 Proceedings

"I Had No Idea": Immersive Virtual Environments and Their Ability to Bridge Understanding in the Management Classroom
Rama Hart

“Why are we doing this?”: Helping students make the connection between classroom learning and their futures
Alexandra Dunn, Sabrina Speights, Haley Woznyj

“Why Wasn’t More (Any?) Time Spent on These Topics in Graduate School?”
Jim Flynn, Dale Rude, John Stark, Thomas Hawk, Sarah Woodside, Jennifer Eury, Phylicia Taylor, Brittany Buis, Danny Cagnet, Charles Fornaciari

(HR) Manager in the Hot Seat: An Exercise to Practice Delivering (and Receiving) Performance Feedback
Natasha Johnson

A Celebration of Life: Remembering the Magic of Tim Baldwin
Jason Pierce, Maria Alejandra Quijada

A Creativity Tool Kit: Five Exercises to Promote Divergent Thinking
Joan Shapiro Beigh, Lisa Stickney

Activity/Exercise: Claiming Value: Helping Students to Develop and Practice Distributive Negotiation skills in the classroom.
Olugbenga Adeyinka, Oluwatoyin Awoyinka

An Example of Undergraduate Research in Management
Zonghui "Zoey" Li

An Immersive Experiential Exercise for Teaching Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Management Education
Michael Kirchner, James Platzer

Antiracist Allyship in Management Education: Intersectional Approaches, Tensions, and Paradoxes
Samantha E. Erskine, Tsedale M. Melaku

Bridging Planet and Profit – Climate Change and Sustainability in an Introductory Management Class
Sarah Stookey

Bridging Team Interdependence Research and Team Project Design to Enhance Student Interactions: A Roundtable Discussion and Resource Exchange
Amy Breidenthal, Yifeng Fan, Joseph Liu

Bridging the Advising Chasm: Strategies for a Holistic Advising Approach
Tommie Davis, Ken Mullane, Barbara Ritter, Erika Small

Bridging the Gap between Student Veterans and Management Education
Michael Kirchner, Kimberly O'Connor

Bridging the gap in DEI support: The challenges and opportunities of teaching DEI in 2023
Joy Beatty, Micheal Stratton, Barbara Ritter, Erika Small

Bridging Veterans and Academia: Enhancing Classroom Environments by Leveraging Student and Faculty Military Service
Sharon Ehasz

Classroom as Organisation - if it's not 'pedagogy' - what is it?
Elyssebeth Leigh

Cognitive Overload: Moving from Overwhelmed to Deeply Immersed in Management Education
Sam Koudsia, Michael Kirchner

Communication is the KEY! A Team Exercise to Promote Person-Organizational Fit During Selection
Comfort Turkson , Megan Reid, Bahareh Javadizadeh

Connection before Content: Tools for Building Relational Foundations to Support Experiential Learning
Nicholas Rhew, Lucy Arendt

Contemporary Management Challenges: Building a Bridge to the Future
Eric Richardson, Jean Gordon, Reid Oetjen, Dawn Oetjen

Crossing the bridge from knowledge to action - developing facilitation techniques to create intra personal change
Lynn Gribble, Janis Wardrop

Cultivating Critical Thinking About Environmental Impacts
Bruce Paton

Dancing on the Catwalk: Qualitative Data Analysis Using Music Coding
Krystal Rawls, Sharonda Bishop, Shammi Gandhi, Craig Seal, Nare Khodadadians

Data Visualization using Tableau: An Experiential Learning Competition
Arpita Jadav, Vikas Agrawal

Decolonize Your Management Syllabus: A Roundtable Discussion About First Steps
Quinn Cunningham, Kweli Snowden

Discovering the Culture at SpaceX
Maria Alejandra Quijada

Does anonymous peer feedback improve individual and collective learning? Evidence from a peer learning pedagogical experiment

Don’t wait! Use midterm feedback techniques to “to build a bridge” to a better course
Carol Bormann Young, Rebecca Evan, Mehmet Koseoglu, Jun Li

Engaging students in designing experiential learning activities for transversal skill development
Stephen Ko, Simon C. H. Chan

Enhancing alignment among course policies and student outcomes: Assessing participation and offering make-ups as micro-cases
Kathy Lund Dean, Sarah Wright

Faculty at a Uniformed Services Academy Discuss Sharing, Collaboration, and Improvisation
Theresa McBride, Edward Gailor, Jonathan Heller

From Lemons to Lemonade: New Recipes for Success in a Post-Pandemic Teaching and Learning Environment
Nick Bartkoski, Ben Blackford, Michelle Fleig-Palmer, Carla Flores, David Palmer, Tim Peterson, Ronda Smith

Gather around the “Video-Clip Campfire” and share your best teaching video clips
Maria Alejandra Quijada, Timothy Baldwin, Robert MArx

William Carter, Kevin Wynne

How to Bridge Critical Thinking and Artificial Intelligence: ChatGPT in the Management Classroom
Barbara Larson, Sarah Woodside, Heatherjean Macneil

HR Exercise: Recommending an Employee Benefits Plan
Beverly J DeMarr, Claudia J Ferrante

Identity-mapping Using Feminist Theory to Cultivate “Privilege Awareness”
Heatherjean MacNeil, Sarah Woodside

Improving the bridge between university and work for management students
Ovidiu C. Cocieru, Matthew C.B. Lyle, Lauren Hindman, Mark A. McDonald

In my own experience (as a practitioner): Building bridges between instructor practitioner experience and their pedagogy
Carlos Baldo, Jason Pierce, Greg Weisenborn, Gloria Miller, Lisa Stickney , Amanda Weirup

Incorporating Networking into Online Courses: A Roundtable Discussion
Kelly Davis McCauley, Katelynn Sell

Is this authentic enough?

JME 50th Anniversary Special Issue
Stuart Middleton, Cindi Fukami

Keeping it REAL: An Online Whiteboard Miro Card Sort Exercise Aimed at Increasing Student Reflection, Engagement, Access, and Learning
Chelsea Gill

Learning From Our Students and Their Experiences: Why Student-Written Cases are Powerful and How to Use Them Effectively
Ken Weidner, Elena Lvina

William Carter, Kevin Wynne

Make it Memorable - Experiential OB Activities That Work!
Ken Mullane

Making "soft skills" relevant in the eyes of the students: co-creating solutions to bridge the gap
Gabriela Cuconato, Sharon Ehasz

Kerri Crowne, Gordon Schmidt, William Carter, Nicholas Rhew, Joe Seltzer, Micheal Stratton

Meet the Editors: The Journal of Management Education
Jennifer S. A. Leigh, Melanie A. Robinson, Vince Bruni-Bossio, Cynthia Fukami , Thomas F. Hawk, Stuart Middleton, Julie Palmer, John Stark

Meeting Students Where They Are: Teaching in a HyFlex Environment
Cathryn Meegan, Caitlin Sockbeson, Susan Ledlow

Minding Our Teaching Practice Using Peter Vaill’s Conjectures
Dave Fearon

Mixing it up: Cooking end-of-the-semester project for the introductory management class
Diana Smrt

MOBTS from the heart: Memories from us “oldies” and “newbies” too.

Online Experiential Exercise – Equity Split
Beth Haley

Outsmarting AI: Assignments and Exams that Minimize the Risk of Plagiarism
Jason Myrowitz, Felix Fan, Tammi Redd, Mariya Gavrilova-Aguilar, Emily Tarr, Alexandra Dunn

Pantomime Performance: Using Charades to Teach Performance Appraisal
Lisa Brady, Nasim Zandi, Bharti Arya, Bahareh Javadizadeh

Personal Brands: Scaffolding a Longitudinal Learning Outcome
Nicole Cundiff, Anne Hamby, Timothy Dunne

Pinterest Meets StoryCorps: Re-Imagining the Case Study as a Scrapbooked, DIY Initiative
Joan Shapiro Beigh, Lisa Stickney

Point/Counterpoint: Utilizing debate in the classroom to teach management, leadership, organizational behavior, and ethics
Todd Wiggen, Opal Leung

Provocations from the Journal of Management Education (JME) Vault
Stuart Middleton

Julia Eisenberg, Ibraiz Tarique

Reclaiming Our Students’ Attention in the Age of Distraction: A Discussion
Jason Fertig, Mark Promislo

Reexamining Examinations: Finding Alternatives to Traditional Written Final Exams
Steven Edelson, Gary Stark

Reigniting the Flame: A Discussion on Keeping the Torch Burning in the Face of Academic 'Quiet Quitting'
Brandon Charpied, Kevin Lo

Relational Grading: Assessment that deepens connection to aid growth and learning
Marc Lavine

Reviewing Workshop With The Journal of Management Education
Melanie A. Robinson, Jennifer S. A. Leigh, Vince Bruni-Bossio, Cynthia Fukami , Thomas F. Hawk, Stuart Middleton, Julie Palmer, John Stark

Revolution: From AACSB Red Flags to Golden Stars
Cundiff Nicole, Peacock Rebeca

Roundtable Discussion: “Reflections on Teaching Strategic Management Courses”
Mehmet Ali Koseoglu, Carol Bormann Young, Jun Li

Search and you shall find! Celebrating MOBTS’s 50th anniversary with a scavenger hunt (and discussing how such experiential activities can be integrated into business-related courses)
Melanie A. Robinson, Jennifer S. A. Leigh, Kerri Anne Crowne, Gordon B. Schmidt

Sinking in Sandy Dunes: A mini case for teaching HR basics
Arlise McKinney, Nicholas Rhew

Slaying Slang: Harnessing the Use of Slang to Bridge the Communication Gap to GenZ Students
Phylicia Taylor, Amanda Weirup

Storytelling: Generational Losses in Translation of IDEA Concepts and Terminologies Introduction.
Therese Sprinkle, Robert Yawson

Strategic Planning Reimagined: Involving Faculty, Students, Staff, and Administrators in a Collaborative Process
Erin Makarius, Matthew Juravich

Strategy Implementation Effectiveness: A Pedagogical Framework to Bridge the Micro-Macro Divide
Alex Tawse, Pooya Tabesh

Student-Team Selection Using a ‘Speed-Grouping’ Process
Dave Beaudry

Teaching Compassionate Reframing: Building Relational Bridges in the Classroom with Unconditional Positive Regard
Ray Luechtefeld

Ankit Agarwal

Team Creation in a Problem-Based Learning Class
Tim Peterson

Team Facilitation Project: Using the personality assessment PrinciplesYou to guide virtual course teams
Maria Hasenhuttl

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work? In Our Dreams!
Samantha E. Erskine, Robert L. Bonner, Juanita Kimiyo Forrester

Thank You for Being a Peer (Coach) – Peer Coaching in the Classroom
Stacy Astrove, Bethany Cockburn, Mai Trinh

The bridge to executive education: Designing, delivering, and succeeding with executive participants
Suzanne de Janasz, Maury Peiperl

The Dreaded Blue Envelope: An Exercise in Empowerment
Eric Lamm, Robert Bonner

The Game of Life as an Academic Leader
Micheal Stratton, Barbara Ritter, Erika Small, Joy Beatty

The heck with tech: Teaching Like a Luddite
Steven A. Edelson, Gary Stark

The Military in Management Education: Key Lessons and Learning Practices for Veteran and Yellow Ribbon Focused Management Programs
Nicole Jackson, Susan Stryker, Shalini Gopalkrishnan

The Use of Digital Tools in Graduate to Career Management Impact: Examples of Key Lessons Learned through Digication and PitchVantage in MBA Classrooms
Nicole Jackson, Greg Kivenzor

The Use of Recent, Real Life Fraud Cases in the Teaching of Business Ethics
Gordon Arbogast, Arpita Jadav

There goes my hero! A roundtable on the advantages and disadvantages of using superheroes in the classroom.
Mark Julien, Gordon Schdmit, Russell Clayton

Too many walls, not enough bridges: Cultivating communication and critical thinking skills through networking and presentation in the era of virtual work
Megan Douglas, Sarah Holtzen

Transforming Core Business Courses and Research
James Stoner, Linda Irwin, James Weichert, Frank Werner, Jed Lindholm, Robert Sroufe, Kenneth Sagendorf

Truth or Myth: Size Doesn't Matter?
Kaleigh May, Maria Volkova Feddeck, Pooja Khatija

Two experiential activities about stress (that are not very stressful for instructors)
Andrew Bennett, Rachel Frieder

Using Qualitative Data Analysis Software to Develop Occupational Understanding
Krystal Rawls, Craig Seal, Alana Olschwang, Nancy Deng, Nare Khodadadians

Using Vlogs and Artificial Intelligence for Assessment in Higher Education: An Interactive Exploration of Benefits, Limitations, and Next Steps
Kyle E. Ingram, Darline Augustine, Michelle Montague-Mfuni

Values are Your Bridge to Resilient Teams: Helping Students Bridge the Gap Between Personal and Team Values to Build Resilience
Christy Goodnight

Video Bridges in the Management Classroom: A Resource Exchange and Roundtable Discussion on Analogical Learning via Video Bridges
Joseph Liu, Amy Breidenthal, Yifeng Fan

Visualizing Drivers of Job Satisfaction using Tableau
Ana Elisa Iglesias, Jose Luis Iglesias

Water-waste measurement experiential exercise to reinforce dual CSR and operations management learning outcomes
Gregory Weisenborn, Rachel Dolecheck

What does Tom Brady have to do with teaching compensation?
Mark Julien, Russell Clayton, Gordon Schmidt

Which Leadership Attributes Matter Most?: An Entertaining and Insightful Classroom Activity in Leadership
John Ross, Marcus Valenzuela

WOB Live 2.0: A Roundtable for Women in Organizational Behavior
Mai Trinh, Chantal van Esch, Stacy Astrove, Bethany Cockburn, Suzanne de Janasz, Elizabeth Karam, Kelly Davis McCauley, Caitlin Sockbeson, Sarah Wright

Work-from-Home, In-Person Work, or Hybrid Arrangements? A Classroom Exercise Utilizing Students’ Own Experiences to Guide Conversations about the Complexity of Work Arrangements
Emily Tarr

Work, Gender, and Family: A Pedagogical Trifecta
Maura Mills

You, me, and a COP: How to locate or create a community of practice to boost your teaching effectiveness
Brittany Buis, Phylicia Taylor, Jennifer Eury, Charles Fornaciari, Jim Flynn, Kathy Lund Dean, Sarah Woodside, John Stark


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