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MOBTS 2023: 50th Anniversary Conference

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Water-Waste Measurement Experiential Exercise To Reinforce Dual Csr and Operations Management Learning Outcomes

Abstract In an operations management course, faculty implemented a water-waste experiential exercise to reinforce learning outcomes associated with managing both traditional business wastes and those associated with environmental and social responsibility. For students, discussions surrounding traditional business waste-reduction methods provide an approachable opportunity to discuss social and environmental waste challenges, and to discuss the synergy between multiple measures in the triple-bottom-line, balanced scorecard, CSR, ESG, or other similar business metrics and drivers. In the experiential exercise, students collected and measured water waste in their residences, learned about regional and global water challenges, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (e.g. Goal #6: Clean Water and Sanitation), and reflected on their own experiences. Session participants will explore applicable modifications to the exercise to create regional relevance for their own classes. Keywords: lean & green synergy, operations management, corporate and social responsibility

Gregory Weisenborn
Fort Hays State University
United States

Rachel Dolecheck
Fort Hays State University
United States


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