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MOBTS 2023: 50th Anniversary Conference

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Visualizing Drivers of Job Satisfaction Using Tableau

Job satisfaction involves the positive feelings and evaluations individuals have about their employment. Organizations that improve the job satisfaction of their employees may experience higher employee commitment and retention. Conversely, job dissatisfaction contributes to low morale and turnover. Several factors influence job satisfaction, such as adequacy of pay, the employee’s relationship with the supervisor, and the nature of the work. This experiential learning activity uses Tableau to visualize these factors in a company with three departments. Using Tableau Public, a free platform, management professors learn how to use analytics as a pedagogical strategy to help their students (1) understand the drivers of job satisfaction and (2) make HR recommendations.

Ana Elisa Iglesias
Francis Marion University
United States

Jose Luis Iglesias
University of South Carolina Beaufort
United States


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