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MOBTS 2023: 50th Anniversary Conference

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Work-From-Home, In-Person Work, Or Hybrid Arrangements? A Classroom Exercise Utilizing Students’ Own Experiences To Guide Conversations About The Complexity of Work Arrangements

The activity presented in this session allows students to grasp the vast complexities in determining work arrangement policies. Students draw on their own experiences from both traditional, in-person learning and online learning, and then are pushed to engage in perspective taking from a managerial viewpoint, which often brings to light new considerations. Finally, students are asked to create a policy for work arrangements for a fictitious organization. Through these discussions, it is revealed that many “real-life” managers have enacted policies that simply reflect their own preferences with little regard for individual- and organizational-level outcomes such as attitudes, turnover, and performance. At a more abstract level, this exercise demonstrates to students that preferences are important individual differences, which need to be attended to in order to maximize both individual and organizational performance.

Emily Tarr
CSU San Marcos
United States


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