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MOBTS 2023: 50th Anniversary Conference

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Video Bridges In The Management Classroom: A Resource Exchange and Roundtable Discussion On Analogical Learning Via Video Bridges

The traditional approach to using videos involves the so-called “movie sandwich” which focuses on the use of a single video clip. We highlight the possible benefits of constructing what we call video bridges, or the selection of analogous videos with the focus of instruction and assignments centered on comparing the underlying linkages between clips, rather than analyzing the videos individually. In this session, we will review research that supports the benefits of analogical learning, highlight teaching implications, provide a specific example of a video bridge, and engage in roundtable discussions on the topic including brainstorming and exchanging possible video bridges.

Joseph Liu
Florida Gulf Coast University
United States

Amy Breidenthal
Agnes Scott College
United States

Yifeng Fan
Fairfield University
United States


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