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MOBTS 2023: 50th Anniversary Conference

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Provocations From The Journal of Management Education (jme) Vault

Turbulence in the higher education context means there remains a continued need to rethink what the management education field might look like (Anderson, Hibbert, Mason, & Rivers, 2018). The use of history is one approach leveraged to challenge foundations of the management education field (McLaren et al., 2021). Approaching the Journal of Management Education’s (JME) fiftieth anniversary, this roundtable revisits the JME vaults to present provocations on taken-for-granted assumptions in Management Education. Controversial ideas and perspectives by Harvey (1979; 1984) and Vaill (1979) serve as prompts for participant debate on bedrocks of classroom pedagogy around student learning and cheating.

Stuart Middleton
University of Queensland Business School


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